Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hashtag #shinefurry

I was supposed to blog this last friday ; 22 Nov - but tend to forget everytime I reached home as 1st thing 1st I need to take my dog for his usual dogrun (meaning - pee and poo) and after my bath, I will have to mop his floor and while waiting for the floor to keep clean, I have to apply medication to my dog.

That's the reason why I kept to forgot about this posting - until today, I realised that 26 Nov is the contest ends.

Below is the main title regards on what is the #shinefurry is all about.

"Want a healthy transformation for your dog? We (Pedigree Malaysia) are giving away 6 weeks worth of Pedigree products if your dog is selected as your dog deserves a healthy skin and shiny coat" 

This contest was actually informed by my colleague and the next morning I took few pictures of Fat-Fat and submitted it when I reached office - due to full of HAPPINESS :)

Is actually not because of the 6weeks worth Pedigree products for the main thing is - Is the FIRST time I ever submitted my dog to a contest. Though he was injured in the picture, but I just wanted to tell everyone that in this world, my dog - Fat-Fat existed!

He, is also part of my life due to he lives happy and sorrow with me for the last past 12 years and I'm happy that he still breathing even there's twice he doesn't really make it to survive but he had struggle his energy just to see the world for the 3rd time.

And here, before one day he would leaves me (I assure he have about 15 years the minimum and 18 years the latest, and I assume he is now 14-15years due to he was a big sized dog when he 1st came to my house for food) So that is why I plan to participate him to Pedigree as he have been a loyal to Pedigree for the past 12 years as well.

This is how I submitted Fat-Fat :

I took few of his gorgeous faces (Pedigree preferred to have the whole body shot and not only his adorable face) and I selected this one (as below), cause he was smiling happily :)

Bet he knows that he have to look handsome due to participate him to Pedigree Malaysia, huh?

And the next step is to go to their Facebook and clicked the following


Once you have done, it will have another message... *after you clicked Enter ->

After few hours, on the same day. One of the Pedigree member called me up and asking me about my dog and his condition. He even told me if I were part of the chosen one, they will have to come to my house to see my dog condition and the living environment as well.

I was fine for everything. And when I reached home that day, I ran to my dog, hugged him and told him that someone called me and asked about him ^^

But, some reason...

I wish Fat-Fat would recover soon. 

(He have rashes at his neck. His ear was way too dry. His right leg started to get injured abit. His right leg, side bones started to get pretty hurt due to putting up ice-cream stick for preventing him to bend his ankle. I really wish he could recover as fast as he could, so all the pain will fade away in just few days. I'm trying very hard to apply medication to him part by part, and hoping one day those injuries will varnished. 

*pray really hard to help Fat-Fat get well* )