Friday, January 3, 2014

Free Tiger Radler

When I came to work, Mave told me about this Tiger Radler that taste like Shandy and Cocoon are giving away for the first 50 people who flashed the FB view to them in order to get the bottle. So I clicked into the Tiger Beer FB and decided to participate it.


Yes. It was only available from 02 Jan 2014 (just one day). The starting is from 6pm onwards.

But me, Wayne and Penny try to ask them for further enquiries and we manage to get 5 bottles at plus minus 4pm. We even asked for a bucket of Ice and promised to return back to them (which we really did returned back)

 In the end, we were the 1st 5 customers who flashed our FB from our phones :)

And... I waited till 5PM and start for the drink!

I tasted it and I started liking it. It's just min 2% alcohol, which just a little higher compare to Shandy.

So, since I have found the Tiger, we have to camwhore ourself ^^

Thanks Tiger and Thanks Cocoon for the FREE Tiger Radler!
(Btw, if you manage to get this Tiger Radler in Malaysia, there's a meaningful story behind the label. Read it!)

BTW, FYI, I drank all up. For those out there who can't drink (just like me), try this! I am sure you will be FINE ^^