Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Work With Passion

I know is 2014 and I supposed to talk about good things. But I was actually clearing up my iphones pictures and I came across this :-

This was the theme from my Ex company - Teabreak; that called "Work With Passion"

Ken snapped it and send me and I tot it might be a good memory to keep inside my blog :)

 Ken - Work With Passion (Month of June 2009)

And below is me :)

Xter - Work With Passion (Month of February 2009)

and below is the gift we had ; a cup (YES! I love it alot!)

The Front

 The Side

Work With Passion - is to encourage everyone, designer or executive marketing or even production to have passion with their work. And each of the month, one of them would be selected, presenting them a certificate of appreciation and this cup as souvenirs.

AND ...

It was nice working in Teabreak actually :)