Monday, January 6, 2014

Playing in the Pool :)

This is consider the 1st time I was in the pool (don't mention when I was still a small kid-lah).

Activity of every Friday I was the one planned.

Our activities starts from 6.30pm - 7.30pm (or if you want to stay longer, you may go ahead) every Friday.

Whoever wanted to join me, JOM-LA :)

This was happened last 2weeks on Thursday (Due to some-other reason so we shifted a day earlier)

Before I start, the "Pelampung" (I forgot what is the english name for it. >.< GOSH~) was actually belongs to Penny as it was a christmas gift we have exchanged last year. But since she knows how to swim and I can't, I just use it for FUN - In the sick of WANTED TO PLAY INSIDE THE POOL SO BADLY >.<

At the beginning, in my mind I was thinking NOT TO GET WET (even though I have bought extra clothes). But never know, the moment I just started to seat and lay down, all the water rushing down my pelampung.

So FUCK IT, I just play and start many stupid and silly positions!

Penny also did taught me how to move my pelampung forward and backwards or sideways. I'm still learning. Oh BTW, I don't know how to swim :P

So here, I starting to move my pelampung...

Damned. I look like a mayat floating~

And Wayne played his pelampung.

FYI, He knows how to swim. So don't look down on that guy!

This is the funny position!

and I dont know what the hell I was doing over there.

Wait...actually I was trying to get down from my pelampung. So I need to get hold on something to balance myself to get down.

And so, I walk towards to Wayne for the exchange pelampung color.

Telling him that he looks sexy if he's using the pink instead of the green one.


He swam away...

So, I flush him with water yelling