Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thirty8, Grand Hyatt Happy New Year 2014!

In my 30, this is my F.I.R.S.T time that I went to a 4.4 star hotel to have a Hi-Tea and it was falls on the 01 January 2014.
YES! That's New Year.

I am happy that I known 3 of them and we sat together and chit-chat plus playing with our mobile device (well, we are malaysian-wut~)

Devi was my primary school mate and she have become my bestfriend ever since. Wymond was our monitor when I was in Secondary school. I didn't quite mix with him that time and don't really talks to him. But somehow, Facebook have given us a change to comment each other status as well as Whatsapp-ing. Daniel I knew him from Wymond and he came part of GDragon life when Big Bang came to Malaysia last 2 years in 2012. He indeed a friendly guy but sometimes DDLY (that was taught by Wymond anyway) *blegh~*

So! Here we are. Reaching Grand Hyatt of Thirty8 Restaurant. The view is really nice. On top of that, you can face KLCC (whoever fancy of KLCC, please seat or reserve near to the window)

The placement of the hind back part

You may choose the seat to be near to KLCC View

Table Setting

Corner View

Kitchen Area

While walking, I even snap some shot from the kitchen place too ^^

The Pastas and Spaghs

Ingredients to support the tastes (Part 1)

Ingredients to support the tastes (Part 2)


This is not a VIP area. It's just another place for you to enjoy the scene.

And we ordered the Hi-Tea that cost RM68++ per person.
(Below is just part of it as they even served sandwiches and scones plus either hot coffee or tea)

This was shared with 4 person. Total of two sets.

Below is the images I snapped per plate each

I really do love Macaroons

 And here, We ordered their Signature Cake. This was introduced by Daniel that he heard is the "MUST DESSERT" to ordered. Costed RM25 (if not mistaken)

Inside would be the dry ice and the waiter will poured the caramel ontop of the choc cake. Well, definitely to ordered as it really taste nice!

++ And ++

Of cause, we will have photos together for the New Year too ^^

Me And Devi

Devi and Daniel

Me and my monitor; Wymond

And that's me; acting cute XD
Finally, the four of us together :D

As I mentioned earlier, the Hi-Tea came with one beverage and I've ordered the hot coffee.

Once again, I would like to wish you all a very GOOD LUCK IN WHATEVER YOU DO, ALL BAD LUCKS GO AWAY AND DONT COME BACK in this year of 2014 :)

아자아자 화이팅!
(Aja Aja Hwaiting!)