Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cant Tell My Mood Now, But I Know I'm Angry

Issit because I'm having my menstruation and makes me really really black face this few days. I donno la. I dont care whether I have it today or not, oso I very angry laaaa!!!

But this noon, while eating my lunch with my colleague, an sms came. I click it and later I read it. Is from ArJun.

Arjun: Tell u stg, me last drive kar tis thrsday. Coz friday n kar joh. They tow bek till I settle my bills. Muahaha. Great lea!

I So "hing" (fire)!!! WHAT THE FUCK YOU SMSED ME??? Last time he came and told me that his car will be tow if he dont settle the debt and somemore he dont wanna be in black listed. Fine, I helped him out. Though that time I ngam ngam pay off my debt to my fren about the bali case. So, I started to save up for my next year insurance. Though of it, I told him - you can have my insurance money 1st. At 1st he dont want de, but I told him is ok and I wont rush back for the payment de, but as long he will return me then ok liao. I care for nothing that time. For me, money I can earn back. Depends on how this friendship is going to be. If he reli reli wants the money and dont wanna return, dat's fine! Cause I dont give a damn either. RM400! This kind of money, I can totally own back!!

I dont wanna talk about this last time. I kept to myself. I dont want alot of people to know either. But till today, he told me his car will be tow this thursday, I was totally on full fire. What is all this? You bullshitting me at the beginning issit? Say dont wanna be black listed. So now? You laugh?

I damn TULAN! Why I got all this kind of friends? That's why I kept telling people I dont want to mix new friends! It's so scary. You dont know their character, their dark side. So you must always be prepare to fight back and backup your ownself.

I dont know izzit the 1st time i help him is I give him a chance to start a new or is totally "hoi kau him".

I smsed him back,
xter: Wah lau eh, y like dat? What happen?

THEN, he straight away call me. Say he also dont know. Dont feel like paying. I told him why he changed like that. Who he mix with now? He said, Ah Mei lor. Shit him la! I wanna help him out and he pull himself fucking down.

I still remember the last time he find me, he says he started to save alot. Save really alot. I was happy for him, and he told me that he seldom mix with ah mei liao. Now?? All bullshit la!

Then I told him izzit ah mei change job liao. He say yea, just recently onli. And I said, did he tell you that i'm going to fetch her? He said "yea, and you didnt fetch her. I dunno la. something like that". I fucked off! So, I told him everything! I really "mmm lan song". I havent fetch her also. She's the one told me no need fetch her and tell me come tomolo. Yea, I'm new taxi driver liao! On call huh? Middle finger want ar?

Sorry dude, I totally angry. I even told him, I dont care either Jun will go tell Mei or not. I dare to speak out, I dont care of shame and deny everything. I really rather dont have this friend. My past life with this friend, I will always remember, esp the case with my 1st boyfren.

Later on, Jun sms me.
Arjun: TK it easy d. Dun get ovr mad lar. Hehe.
xter: Tai lowm of cuz im mad here la. She sud come den got reason. If msg about how r u those thgs, i nvm wan. Somemore, nowadays i reli bz. I reli not in good mood tis 2 daz.
(then suddenly ah mei sms me)
Mei: Muahahaha 2day got ppl fetch me. u no nd fetch me k? thanx dear.

Well, I totally dont give a damn now. Either Jun reli told Ah Mei or fwd my sms to her, or Ah Mei reli got fren to fetch her go work - is their problem. I'm not one fren's SPARE TYRE!