Thursday, October 11, 2007

Meat Meat Nothing BUT Meat

Last sunday, I was sooooo hungry. Then my mind kept thinking about the lamb steak which my sista taught me de. Yummy. Suddenly feel like making it. Very simple wan. No need marinate. Just need oil, salt and pepper - that's all. But I was so lazy to drive out to Jusco ner. Haiz...

So on monday, I chat wif my bro. Then I told him about the lamb steak. After finish all the talking, I really felt like eating it!!! Luckily June bought "kai si min bao" for me. So I ate it, but stop half way. Cuz I wanna taste Lambbb.... very san fu lea - u know the feeling of - wanting to eat lamb? Like pregnant women who wants to eat this and that. Ughhh.... So at home, while watching TV (Over The Rainbow - 8TV) my mind suddenly think about duck rice. Yum yum... Ughhhh.. I wan duck rice... So oily yet sedaaapp... slurrpp...

Then tuesday, while watching "Ghost Whisperer II", Suddenly I think of Pizza Hut chicken wing. Wah!!!!!!!! I Want....I WANTTTTT!!!!!! OMG! Dunno what's wrong with me. Feel abit psycho liao. I kept talking to myself and to my mum and to fat^fat oso dat I wanna eat Chicken Wing. So I rang up dou. I told him I want chicken wing!!!!!! I want the Pizza Hut Chicken Wing. But it's almost 12am liao. Sure no more joh. Mum say I am very very noisy.

So on wednesday. Hehe. Mum rang me and she said she's at Midvalley. Pack back 12 pieces of Chicken Wing from Pizza Hut. YUMMY!!!!! I wanna chun chun 6pm clock out. But that Mr Teh go and chun chun 6pm call Office! Celaka wan. After done his job, I got home and bath and then I wait for my chicken wing. The taste of it... wow!!!!!! I ate 4 pieces that nice.

But in another way, my mum go bought chicken wing is to keep me shut-up de. Say I very noisy. Tell me drink alot of water cause got ajinomoto.

Ah... after ate liao, I feel normal back. It's like past few days I kept thinking about meat. Seems like I never eat meat for 1month liao. So everyday kept thinking about meat meat and meat.

Oh ya, even dat time when I think about chicken wing; when I close my eyes, there's alot of chicekn wing INFRONT of me. When I wanna go catch em, those Chicken Wing faster ran for their life.... :'( **sob sob**