Friday, October 12, 2007

Memory Of Nuril Jazlin

The news was so hit last two months. Or maybe one month. Sorry. Cause that time I don't pay any attention to this case. But I follow up a bit nowadays.

Just yesterday night, I read The Star and found out that Nurul's dad gonna sue everyone who posed his daughter pictures in public. I told my mum "This Nurul's dad har.. Cannot let her daughter rest in peace wan. Always want to interfere here and there. Make alot of attention only. Somemore is the same picture ma. Why he like dat wan". Then only my mum told me that it's not what he want to mess the things up, it's because "probably" one of the policeman post up those photos of Nurul's through MMS and internet / video. Those pictures of Nurul's inside the bag, cucumber in her private part and even inside her stomach.

Well, The Star didn't give a lot of information about it. That's why I misunderstand Nurul's dad. Sorry ~ But when I asked my mum how she know about the news, she said she read it at 7-11 there - Malay Mail.

So this morning, I checked my email. I saw one of my friend forward Nurul's case to me. I saw it and yea... those pictures of her inside the bag with naked body and cucumber stuck in her vagina. OH MY GOD! Poor child. If you want to kill the child, then don't abuse her and let her suffer before she die ma. This kind of murderer and rapist sure don't have HEART! Their HEART definitely eaten by coyote. Stupid human!

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a rough picture on Nurul's case

Please, if everyone got this forward email on Nurul's picture - delete it ok. Dont forward to your friend ANYMORE. Internet is big adi. If your forward here and there - it spreads more on it (sorry, I didnt forward this to anyone). Nurul's family is already very cham joh. Please ok. Just let Nurul rest in peace.