Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Website That I Did

Been very long time I didnt write blog liao. Cause studio very busy busy busy. Until today I only very free. Hmm, not today la. Actually is starting last week, cause everyone is preparing for Hari Raya and holiday also. So mostly, I stay studio to download korean and english album songs, then backup visual and pending jobs. Somemore Annual Report do liao. Just another last one. Maybe this month will start doing, cause information and pictures also dont have.

But, for my company website - haha. I've stopped for more than 3months - if not mistaken. So, just recently I continue back, and I feel like the theme I was doing was running away. But dont care liao la. If still dont want to put "seong mong", den my boss will nag later.

Anyway, my 1st website I did was for slumberland. I am not quite impress on it. Somemore is lagging, and that time I dunno how to resize the photo. That time I gave Loon see, he diu gau me. Cause very lagging +sob sob+ I'm not pro at Web ma.. I just cari makan only for my company. Kesian me. Haha

Here's the web for Slumberland.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The view is like that de. Beige colour mainly. But I prefer another website call Dorma. I just knew it recently when I went shopping with my mum at The Garden on Monday. So, I checked their website. Weee, not bad! I like it very much. Can view their web at Dorma. Really very class and nice. But for sure, Slumberland dont accept de lor. Somemore Slumberland logo is Red, where else Dorma logo already very nice liao, though the gap is very far la.

Anyway, for my company one.. Here is it. Maxiimpact.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This website wont hang kei de. Cause the resolution all i make small small liao. This time I smart abit. Haha. But, still I'm not satisfied with it. But my boss like it. Haiz... He must really update himself liao.

Anyway, I did do another one. For a pitching job de. But no news liao. Maybe Vincent charge them xpensive or maybe they want something else gua.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is the pitching job wan. I still remember I stayed back OT alone to figure the dreamweaver thingy. So headache. And now, no news pulak. Haiz.. waste my time only. But I got a little impress on this work. Though it not nice, but at least I know some dreamweaver software. Very proud :D