Monday, October 22, 2007

Very The Not Happy

Firstly, wished Devi HAPPY BURFDAY. I'm the 1st Caller from chun chun 12midnite. But then hor, she say she low battery, so she KAP my phone!!!!! Haha. Kidding-la. Just that she dont have enough battery only.

Anyway, last thursday I've been very busy with my freelance job. Done 5 magazine ad adi and I submit at Sunday noon. So, Of cause I very happy liao ma. Somemore Wykie praise me. Say I dunno chinese fonts, but can play with the fonts also. Actually for the last two of the ad, I have no idea to do it de. I even find and research for the reference also with some magazines, but what I saw, I dont like. That's why I am very very fan for the past few days.

But since, everything was all done. I'm very happy bout it. So, I msg my frenz dat I'm free liao. Bro even wanna take me go eat Bak Kut Teh at Pasang there. But that sunday I tot I kenot finish everything up, so I told him next time lor. *sob sob, my bak kut teh gone liao*~

Then, Ar Jun msg me. Ask me yum cha and talk with him. I asked him what time? He told me dont worry, will be early around 11smthg PM. WHAT? Sei Night Ghost! 11pm call early ar? I'm not last time xter liao ar. This time xter sleep early joh.. Anyway, I told him to double confirm me the time later.

Mmmm well doing my job that moment, Ah Mei - of all of a sudden smsed me.
Mei: Sor por u! Y so long didnt col me? Disappear joh ar?
Mei: Me hav dcided 2 go sabah. Maybe next month o december...
(a while later, after I finished all my jobs)
xter: *I say something like, was busy doing my freelance job and asked her she found a job over there?
Mei: Nope. Me follow my boyboy go. He even say wan my 2 gals along. At thr hire maid tk cr of them woh.
xter: * Good la if like that. Btw, got all your songs ready. So before you left, I can sun pin gip the CDs to you. Btw, where's my hp ner? *sobsob*
Mei: I'm using it. My phone sot sot joh mah. (HEY!!! THEN HOW BOUT XTER'S WAN? XTER WAN ALSO SOT SOT JOH LA. EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT IT AND THAT'S MAKE ME TELL EVERYONE DONT CALL MY 016 PULAK!!!!!!! - FUCK!) I'll but a new hp soon ok? Oh ya, me work in manjalara now. Can u cum fetch me go work everyday at 7pm nite? My fren didnt work joh so no ppl fetch me. Me pay u petrol $ every month lah. Can u help ar?
xter: I fetch u early d oh. I clock off 6pm. Cuz bek hm i work again de.
Mei: Can ar. 6pm stg can oso ah. Me work frm mon to sat, ok? Thanx ya. Muax. C u 2molo nite then. But when u saw me, dun scold me woh, k? Coz me thin joh.
xter: Sat i kenot. Sat I out liao. Haha. U ask someone la ok. C u 1molo la. I take rest den out ltr.
Mei: Ok. every at cant o onli tis sat?
xter: Every sat ya. Aiya, u got so many frenz, u ask sure got la. What la u.
Mei: Me sked joh loh. Tel u 2molo lar k? U remember who is Ho Chee Keong?
xter: Duno. Kla, I reli reli need rest liao. Talk 2molo ya.

Wah! Who am I to her woh? Taxi or a driver? Tell me MON-SAT. Sat I work alt, somemore I half day also. Where can neh? I oredi say ok for weekdays ma. N I didn't ask when till when I need fetch her. But since she say like that liao, I totally mm song. 1st, after so long. I last msg her was something like - when can she return back my phone and sun pin ask about her father's health. N from there, totally no reply from her. Well, at least tell me about her father's health la and skip my hp thingy la. Instead, she skip both. Until one day Arjun find me lunch and he told me her father ok liao.

From starting today, I think I wanna sim hoi her liao! Is not that I don't like here. But, I dont like people use me. So what if I got car? Is ain't big deal. Is that everyone got call then need fetch those people who don't have car? Hey! Last time I also don't have car and I took public transport ok. Like going to my friend BBQ, I changed two BUSES! Or Took 1 bus than change to a cab. Only after the party was over, Loon will fetch me home cause is very late liao. Though besides, I insists to take bus or cab home cause I live very far from them.

Why not people be independent? I know she stay at her area very suburb wan. But can tell her members, if anyone wanna out can sun pin drop her or maybe call a cab also? Somemore, there's a bus stop - a walking distance around 15-20minutes.

Mm song...reli reli mmm songggg. I told my baby. Then I told him dont scold me cause I know I stupid. Cause he also know this is not the 1st time liao. So I plan to have a sleep that evening. I was having a slight headache liao. But pusing sini, pusing sana, I TOTALLY CANT SLEEP!!!! So I got down from my bed and tot of washing my car. But when I saw outside, I SAW ONE BLOODY MOTORCYCLE PARK INFRONT OF MY GATE! How am I supposed to wash my car? Usually I reverse and wash outside, cause inside is very small - KENOT WASH! Very very da "MANG"! I sms gip devi. But before, I tot of msg Ar Jun, cause he say yum cha. But after I wrote liao, I delete it. I think better dont ask him about Mei working Menjalara. So far I know, He told me Mei work at Maxis - Kepong there. Now, change to menjalara pulak.

So, I wanna do complain. I msg Devi and told her about Mei stuff. She came fetch me. I reli reli super unhappy, though I know is her Big day somemore. But SHE WAS SOOOOO HAPPY!!!! Mmmm, I know what happen. Haha. See her so happy, I also happy. But deep down, I sad cause of my case. Sorry, burfday girl come fetch me pulak - Mou Yee Si. After we yum cha at spicy, we went Jusco - soda there. And I bought her a quarter pants which she wanted it. I gip her as her burfay pressie. Kim Wai who work there gave her a necklace. I choose the black and white pearl for her. She also Luv it. She so hang fook ohh!!! I also want pressie also.. But I appreciate those who gave me and wished my liao on my last burfday :)

Back home, I unhappy back. So I msg Mei and told her that " Wui, 4got 2 tell u 1thing oh. I juz realise my passenger door rosak liao. (this is no tipu, many people know liao). I'm waitin 4 my next service to repair it. But I cum pick u 2molo, cuz promise liao. So if can, c who can fetch u ya. Sorry bout dat inconvenient ne." Then she no feedback me. Instead, Ar jun msg me dat 11 something say "Soli, Kancel joh. Tmr me col u. Sory ah." I say Nevamind and ask him drive carefully cause drizzling. But around 12 something, he come msg me and say "Haha Tmr me col u. Dun tell ah mei anything ar, k?". So I go think. Maybe Mei ask him find her or what-ever. But I dont care. I dont wanna be sohai-la. I wanna be devi - be straight forward liao. Dont want, Means Dont WANT! If sekali kala, like twice in every week, I dont mind la. But Now - no woh. everyday in weekdays lea. After work, go kepong, den go menjalara den onli bek home. Usually people after work straight go home de ma.

Reli reli so not happy. See how it goes today when I fetch her.