Wednesday, March 26, 2008


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shu dao wu da ying wo- cao ge
Promise me on the count of five

This was introduce by fatty when he accompany me stay up OT alone at nite. Not that he said introduce la. But he told me he like this Track 2. He said, when the 1st time he saw this MTV/song at Astro, he suddenly think of me (though I'm not his gurl dat moment)

As I'm those busybody type, I listern quitely when I was alone in the office the next day. Keep on repeating the track again and again - as it was sang in Mandarin Version. Sooner or later, I fall for this song and had the intention to find the lyrics.

Since fatty logged in my mac that time, In the past history, I tracked down that he also finding the same lyrics - but of cuz, it was written down in Mandarin. So, I copied down the Chinese text and try hard to find the translation for this song.

Now I know what's the meaning behind it. Hmmm.. So lam....
(or is he trying to impress my heart??)

Pin Yin
di yi ci kan zhe ni jiu wei ni xin dong
cong ming de wo zhen neng rang ni zou
di er ci kan jian ni wo jing ran shi kong
shi wo de cuo qing ni yuan liang wo
di san ci kan jian ni xiang yao gao su ni
wo zhen de ai ni shi zhen de ai ni
di si ci kan zhe ni wo you xie yao jiu
qing ni neng gou an an jing jing de ling ting

yi. rang wo bao hu ni
er. rang wo zhao gu ni
san. suo you de yao qiu bu neng dang zuo you xi
si. jie shou zhe ming yun
wu. yong yuan bu fen li
shuo ni yuan yi
na zui hou yi ge yi ding yao shuo ni yuan yi

Want be your lover want be your man
wo zhi yao ni kai xin duo yi dian
wo zhi xi wang gei ni duo yi dian

Can you be my lover don’t wanna be your friend
gei ni xing fu dao yong yuan

gei ni xing fu mei yi tian
ying wei wo Want be your lover want be your man
shuo ni hai pa ying wei shou guo shang
bu xu yao hai pa ying wei wo bu shi ta

On our first meeting, you moved my heart
If im smart, how could I let you go
On our second meeting, I actually lost control
Its my fault, please forgive me
On our third meeting, I want to tell you
I really love you, really love you
On our fourth meeting, I have some requests
I hope you can listen to me, quietly

One. Let me protect you
Two. Let me take care of you
Three. Don't take my request as a game
Four. Accept this fate
Five. Don't ever leave me

Say 'I do'
Lastly, you must please say you do

Want be your lover want be your man
I only want you to be happier
I only hope to give you more

Can you be my lover don’t wanna be your friend
Give you everlasting bliss
Give you bliss everyday

Because I Want be your lover want be your man
You are scared, because you've been hurt
Don't be afraid, because I'm not him


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yeah... informative !