Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Please Dont Come Back

I've been thinking whether should I go to find my ex or DONT??

Not to patch back with him of cause. It's definately a No No No Way (esp with HIM). But is his stuff. His VCDs and his money which I helped him to save up. Though is not much la, but it's still his.

I've been lagging this matter for 3 months. I have to make up my mind this time. So after work, I sms saying "are you at home?" After fatty called, Dou call up saying what happen and this la, that la. Tell me dont come. No people at home. We meet soon. Even when I say I just gip him things and i will go back. He say, next time la. I say next time I'm not free. He asked why? I say my job problem la. Then he say, what's wrong with your job problem??

UGHH!! I wanna BOMBBBB liao!!!


Asked me alot of questions. I hanged up his phone. Useless I'm continue to speak with him. But still I intend to give all his stuff back TODAY!

While on the way to his house, he called up again. Asking whether am I at home, he will come to see me. I lied that I'm not at home. I will be going out. Then he say, "like that ar, den next time lor". I say ok. But I still go to his house. I DONT FUCKING CARE!

Reached his place, the door was totally open, but locked. So, I put his stuff on top of the TV. No one was home. I feel relief that his stuff I've returned. I dont want everyday I keep on worrying that I have still related with him.

I called him when I got inside my car. I told him I've returned his stuff and it was on top of the table. Then he say "aiyuh, if like that - u come to my working place ma. Sure got people steal wan. Got people at home mea?" I say no..No people at home. If u sked people steal, u go back home take la. Got vcd and your money. He said 'Wah.. lagi sure kena curi. U better come and give to me here la." I so fucktup! Cause at 1st I told him, if no one is at home, I go to his working place and hand it to him hand in hand. But he insist dunwan. So, what can I do? I fucktup, and told him - U go balik rumah take la. I away from your home adi la. And I hang up the phone again.


When reached home, I feel totally down. Though relax abit, But dunno what the hell, I feel down also.

Round 9.30pm like that, dou called me again.


I picked up the call and ask what?

Dou: Where are you now?
xter: At home la.
Dou: You say u go out?
xter: (oh, fucking shit!) Yea, I'm outside but is at people house.
Dou: What happen to your working place?
xter: I not free la.. I always OT, so not free adi
Dou: Ohh.bout the internet things, can you give me the address which can log in your details?
xter: (WTF you still need to see my things????!) I dont know what you talking about
Dou: The things where got your pictures and you write de lea.
xter: I forgot adi.
Dou: That wan is your things woh. You sure remember wan
xter: I dunno la. I see how la
Dou: If you free, den u msg me the name la ok
xter: yala yala.

Hung up his phone again. Fucking shitty life!!!!!

Feeling very miserable. So I open my internet line. Looking out who is out there can chat and cheer me up. Luckily got afew msgs me. Dexter, John, Kee Yung, Wykie...

Then I went to bed earlier. Roun 12.30am, Dou call me again


I tulan adi, so I switched off my phone. Very very FUCKING TULAN.

But before I switched Off, I smsed to Fatty, telling him dont call me.

Sleepless night I had. Very very moody...