Wednesday, March 26, 2008


At 1st I was very unhappy of what my bro did to me. Cause it was xcited when I heard that he's going to Singapore and inviting me go along also. But never know that yesterday we went out for a drink, he told me his cousin, his cousin's soon-to-be wife and another one called Ken will be joining us for the Singapore trip. I was super upset as I planned to go Singapore for so so so LONG!

Anyway, when I got to work this morning. I changed my MSN title regarding bout the Singapore trip was cancel. Super unhappie. Even one of my fren gave me a note that where and where the place I should go when I arrived at Singapore. Totally blown out.

Nicole chatted with me. I was DUH... But even I told Nicole no need to tell Lou that I was unhappy because I failed to go to singapore, but she still go and tell Lou. And dat time I was having my dinner at Andy Restorant - there's my phone ring and my bro asked some questions and den lead to Singapore matters. From what he told me, he tot that KEN (my another god bro) will be going, and that's make no seat for my fatty. Haih... But now since Ken not going, so Nam can squeeze in and I still can make it to Singapore

HOORAAAY!!! Super thanks to Nicole anyway.

Hmmm..besides, because yest I was upset, I blow everything to fatty over the phone conversation. My voice sounds down.

But guess what?

I'm having OT btw. And he dropped by to accompany me since I'm rushing to do my website. But he went off afterwards to join his friend at KIP area for a drink. But before he left, he told me one thing that he wanted to book the travel to Pulau Redang on July. I told him, July beach is aint good. Then only I know the reason why he wanna book on July. Coz our Burfday falls on that same month! Aint he sweet??? Even besides that, he called me this afternun to let me know about the Cameran trip since I cant make it to Singapore. But now, I got the chance!! Wah lao..very da happie....

Anyway, I haeve lunch with my ex today. I neva knew he would called me for the 1st time to have lunch with me, since he's working nearby my work place. But ever since, I will tell fatty that John came and find me lunch. At least a notice to let him know, dun feel like wanna hide something to him. I know is bad la to have lunc wif my ex, especially for this ex because of him, I've been really down for over a yr and a half. Hearing that he have a gurlfren on Jan, I started to let go of him and continue my journey without turning back. I'm brave!! Yeah!

Until then I met dou, following by fatty. Fatty might over worried when I told him I lunch with John. He somekind like phobia abit. But, normal to have this kind of phobia. If for my situation, ahem! He gonna eat shit!! hahaha...

Well, while eating lunch with John, neva knew he still remember many stuff between me and him. I totally forgotten some of it, until he reminded me. I told him to forget everything that me and him were together, but he told me that not everything that can be erased. He even asked me to be his gf back and will gip me phone and sub one credit card for me to use. Well, when I'm with him for the year and so, he really never used my money. Infact, he spends on me but usually the things I wanna buy, I buy it from my own pocket money. Dont feel like using his money to buy my own stuff.

Besides, he suddenly talked about the gold ring which he gave me on 2005. I neva notice he wore that ring. Then he told me one part that when he with his gurlfren that time (after i broke up wif him a yr ago ltr) his gurlfren is not pleasant when seeing him wear that ring (which john did mention to her gua about the ring). I told John, since if his GF is not happy bout the ring, he can either throw it away or put it aside. If for me, I oso will turns unhappy to see my present boyfren wearing RING of the PAST. Who will happy right? But he told me back, is just a ring wut. But hey, It's consider my RING you know. Coz he bought for me and I gave him back the ring.

Anyhow, I accidentally wear it until i got back to office and found out that I'm still wearing it. So I msgs him:

xter: Hey Ur ring arr...
xter: Den ar throw away lor?
John: Throw u la...dun throw my ring....either gv u wear 1st...ok?then u owe me
xter: U dare throw me mea? Wahaha. K la. Next time gip u bek.
John: K...

Really makes me wonder, how come he still wants this ring kinda badly?? Well, just me and him know what's the reason. Plus nicole also. And also, he still say he still keeping those pictures we took at bangkok. Well, this pictures... I got told him before when I break up with him. He can throw it away if he wants to. Or if his gf dont like, he can throw away also. But neva know, he told me he still keeping it and his gf doesnt know that time.

And he kept saying - something like, how good if me and him were married that time and we will be still couple until today. Well, past is past dear. I dont know what to do when he told me bout our past together, bringing me to see justin, been there alot when I need him the most sometimes (not on justin case of cuz).

Who can help me to overcome this??