Friday, March 28, 2008


Anyone who did this like what I did as shown below??

It's kinda like SHUTTER feel. 2 combination into 1. But it's fun. At 1st Fatty asked me to weigh, see whether I got put on some weight or not. Well, still da same for me. 43kg.

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Aint this sweet? 1st time I timbang timbang together. Though abit childish la. This I know also. But at least I try one time ya...Hmmm...

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(From Left: MC Choc Ice Cream, Right: My Asam Boi from De'Pastry)

And this picture above... Fatty buy and make those cute cute happie pictures for me. I tot the ice cream is he make fun of me, cause that day I was wearing specs and (actually I phobia when wear specs infront of him, since got one day, I OT gau gau..den my look very "chan" and he call me aunty look >.< ) I tot he draw and gip me see that IT WAS ME. But nope, he say it's FATTY LAI DE... Weee....heheheheh....

Then the Asam Boi drink... Hmpph... I saw the pictures I oso lam lam dei oredi.

3rd thing, since I'm still wearing the ring which John gave me on 2005, Fatty no "song" when see that I wore it. I told Fatty, it's actually my ring lai de. Yup, if for him to wear back ex stuff, I volcano oso mari belanda liao. haha.

Anyway, will dedicate one to him:-

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Hope he likes it (^^,)

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Fatty and Xter @ at genting,
after fatty fixed his colleague car at genting also.


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