Friday, March 14, 2008

Heavy Head

Supposed yesterday going to Aloha for farewell for Devi's colleague friend. I was unsure when I will be back home, as there is alot of job rushing. Eventually the time was cancelled, as I'm having OT, Fyuen not free and Georghe was not free also. Well, hope can have dinner together again when everyone is free.

Sinced the clubbing was cancel, and fatty asked me whether am I intrested to go to the Taman Ehsan Pasar Malam. I tot of having a rest, but since he told me that he going to take his cousin out, well - of cause I wanna have a look at his cousin :: and since he said that his cousin is quite handsome!!

After bath and everything, I went to the kitchen to have some bites on the chicken wings which mum dar bao from Pizza. I ate two ot it and drank herbal soup which mum prepared for me before I'm going out. Never knew, I got headache. Strong head pains that makes my body unbalance to walk. I lied down on my bed and about 2-3minutes, I woke up and try to walk again. To my dissapointment, the heavy pain didnt go off. I thought, might be my contact lens which makes my head heavy and pain. So I decided to take it off and wear my specs again. But ... IT'S STILL THE SAME!!!

Gosh.. I called up fatty and told him not to come. From 8pm, I slept till 5am in the morning. And I continue to sleep until 8am, till fatty give me a wake up call.

Once woke up, I just feel abit dizzy and tot - I might be alright today. It's better than yesterday. Drove to work, and headache came back after I got out from the washroom. It was like 12pm dat time. I took a short nap, and been turning my body left and right, till my head get from bad to worst. OH GOD!!!!

When June going out for lunch, I told her not to pack-back anything for me as I might leave the office - having half day leave later. After few minutes she left, I force myself to wake up and walk to my car and drove to the clinic. Head still so heavy. What has happened to me? I asked myself.

Before that, I called fatty that my headache strikes back and going to see doctor later. He didnt offer to bring me go to see doctor also. And it was his lucnh time. My goodness. Nevermind la, I still have Baby Neo, and it can still take care of me. I pray to myself, hopefully I dont meet any accident. I cant turn my head or watever, I can onli see the front and by using my side mirrors. Cause once I turned my head to right or back, my headache attack back and giving me alot of god damn pain.

Reached Dr.AW. Luckily it aint many patient over there and by 5mins, My name was called out. I told doc what has happened to me. He told me that there might be 3 reasons of having headache.

1. Stress
2. Lack of Sleep
3. Menses

Then he asked me, are you having your menstruation now? I say yea. So it might causes it. I feel relieves when I got the answer. Doc say is normal sometimes when women is having their period and he gave me medi of coz. Besides, I told him - izzit I'm having low blood sugar? Doc say it's impossible, but I still wanna have a test of it. Asked for how much if testing for blood sugar, he said only RM5. Ok. I take it. After a light poke at my middle finger, seeing how he operate stuff, and the result was out - saying I'm normal. No low or high blood preassure.

How come har?? I want to have low blood preassure!!! So dat I can have feed myself into sweet world!!!! I DEMAND TO HAVE LOW BLOOD PREASSURE - pleaseeee.... I luv sweetening stuffffffzzzz... Slurpss.s.. Yummy...

So, carefully drove home and mum been worried about me. Reached home, I called fatty and later on, I sms to him saying " Haiya, if i know i'm half day off 2day, i can c my lessbian show!!!" And you know what this small baby fatty replied back? He said "Then u now go my hse take la..."


I'm here almost faint faint and numb numb, he still tell me go to his hse and take. Haih.. He supposed to reply me back by saying "you go and have a rest 1st la dear, when you getting better, I still can accompany you to watch it". See la. He totally different from Gab. At least Gab can say some sweet words to lam Nicole. Adui... Two different world...

Maybe just now I should drive, then bang my Baby Neo with others branded and imported car and if Fatty knew, I wonder which one he will worried the most. My life or The Imported Car. Or izzit he going to blame himself for telling me to get it from his house??

No one will know the answer - even not for me. Some might say, of cause he care for your life la, you sei soh mui. But - sometimes, when real things happen, it will be in a different story.