Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mooncake Festival

It's 12.33am and I'm blogging this right now.

Awhile after 12am today, my mum took this mooncake out, where I told her to help me buy 2 boxes and gave her RM200 yesterday night. While facebooking, she took out this paper bag...and to my surprise...the packaging do look nice!

Quickly, I grabbed my camera and start taking pictures. I wanted to upload photo at facebook and telling everyone that - THIS MOONCAKE IS FOR JUSTIN'S FAMILY!!! Is not that I wanted to show off ok. Totally not my type. Is that, I wanted to shout out to everyone that who-ever know Justin Tham - pls do remember him and wish him too.

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I've been busy working and lack thinking about him recently. But today... I was full of joy that Im gonna give the mooncake box to his family. I hope to go to his house and give them and have a slight talk with his mum.

So, whatever happens...I need to go to his house this time!! (Not long ago, I went to PD and bought 3 boxes of siew pao. Two boxes is actually for Justin's family. I've tried to called them..but no one picked-up my phone. So my mum asked me - since mooncake is around the season, why not buy mooncake instead of giving them siew pao? While thinking..what's my mum told me was totally right. She even told me that Shangri-la's mooncake is the best but it cost quite xpensive. I asked her..expensive in what price? Then she told me is around RM70-RM80 per box with 4 mooncakes. =.="" But even Kenny, said Shangri-la is the best. Then ok-la. Money is not a problem for me right now...but at least buy a better mooncake and treat my best fren's family in this season ^^)

I tot of giving 2 boxes to them, and that's why I gave RM200 for my mum. Alas, my mum just bought two boxes and now I just have to give them one box. But is better than nothing right?

The reason I kept thinking about his family is because once a while, his mum will call me and ask how am I doing so far, where am I working now...etc. The most usual important words that she will said to me is "Ah Cheng ar...remember do not forget auntie ok. If you change your handphone number, must let auntie know ok." She will always remind me about this.

Twice I lost my phone, and I will have to keep on waiting for his mother to call me so I can re-save their number. Very pai-seh lea...cox everytime oso need his mother to call me and chat with me. ><

Note for Justin,
Ah B ar...I dont think that I can forget you. Where ever I go, to a trip or a holiday, I will always remember you and even your family...especially your mother. When ever I'm stress at work and started to smoke, I will think about you too. The way we worked together and smoke together and you trying to teach me to smoke with a circle out. Ugh...I miss those days together with you.. *totally heart-pain*