Sunday, October 11, 2009

R.I.P Stephen Gately

I was out with my mum whole afternoon...until when I came back, I received Devi's MSN saying Stephen Gately from Boyzone has just passed away today.


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Boyzone... one of my favourite band when I was still a teenager. Stephen Gately is the guy I admire the most, though he's gay. I love him lotx. Infact, I love their song..especially the part where Stephan Gately sang. Bcox was over crazy bout him, I even bought his album of New Beginning. His track I love the most was "New Beginning, Judgement Day, You Lied, Sta, If Only You Were Here, Where Do We Go"...almost every song that he sang I will vote for it!

But now... all of a sudden, no news of Boyzone, no album from Stephen Gately...but the stunning news was he passed away! come ??!!!

He's just so young. So talented. So charming.. and he left the world without saying a bye.

This is the news, where Devi let me read...

"Stephen Gately of Irish band Boyzone has been found dead while on holiday in Majorca. Tributes have been paid by people who knew him.

The sudden death of the 33-year-old has shocked fans and music industry figures.

Gately was on holiday with his partner Andrew Cowles. It is thought that they had gone out for drinks, then Gately had fallen asleep when he returned home and failed to wake up.

The rest of the band are travelling to Majorca on Sunday."


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