Friday, October 2, 2009

Sketch Mat Zhat

Hate Sketching ar!!!!

That's all I can repeat for the rest of my life - especially when someone asked me to scamp or sketch!

Better take my life away-la. Telling me to sketch is exactly asking me to DIE. Just like today. I was being told to do one press ad / teaser ad for this coming christmas. In the end, it's all about scamp-ing it out. DIU!

I was like -WHAT THE FUCK!

Damn it. Will definately take hours to just come out an option. Ughhhh... I waited for my dinner - ate happily. Got my Coca-Cola Pink colour. So I tot it would make my day happier abit. But...

-in the end-

NO LOR! Infact, I hate part of the night in Teabreak today. I've been holding the pencil and artline pen and eraser as well. Erasing here there, here there again. Duh!

In no time. I got angry. I either hate myself for not knowing the best way to scamp or hate my AD for asking me to scamp. He knows I hate it He knows it all well. But still... he asked me.

I even know - dat he hoped me to scamp more and been telling me that scamp and sketches is IMPORTANT. But ... NOT FOR ME! It's WASTING ALL MY TIME!

While fucking scamping @ sketching, I told myself to cool down. Cox I know that my temper is coming out. Infact, when Kenny asked me how am I doing... I screamed, bang the table..and wanted to ask him to shut-up! But of cox I didnt ask him to shut-up la. I just screamed and banged the table and seat down again...Tears started to fall and I couldn't control it. I was so mad that I dropped few tears. Rushed to the bathroom, take a deep breath and come out again.

Continue to scamp..until Joey told me that they are leaving now. So, I packed my things and didn't bother to wait for them. (As usual, I will wait for them de.. but today... I'm totally frust out).

While driving, I've been thinking that - maybe I should just resign and find another job. (*Infact, I even tot of writting the resign letter now!) wtf~