Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas at 1Utama

Last sunday, early morning went to 1utama to have my prawn wanton soup at I-Canton. I damn love that dish. Each time I go ICanton, sure order the same dish. ^__________^

Then, I order this hawaian coffee served in hot. See what I got?

Yea.. my hot cup damn cute-de-neh ^^

Besides, I do like the environment too.

Dropping at 1Utama, to catch christmas deco again. This year, their theme is - A White Lyrical Christmas - where is not that good. Once glance, ok ner. But when u have a photo shoot of the area, you will see it's very messy.

Next to me, is where it can turn around in 360degree.

Fatty pretending that he have this huge candle on his coming burfday cake.

and as usual, emily's trademark :P comes the Lyrical Christmas~

And the booth

haha..fatty looks cute

And as usual, I will play around with their christmas ball

n - my turn to have my own picture ^^

Then, I drop by at Marks and Spenser - hoping to get a christmas gift for the Teabreak Xchange gift...and I saw this, very green christmas tree. Asked fatty to stand over and snap it. lolx.

And since, Fatty need to help his family on night business, I fetched him home...and also, together snap my puppy toy.

Then, I rushed to fetch Devi and Terence and off we went to Bangsar boutique and also Bangsar Village.

This is where they tied on some of the pillars @ Bangsar Village.

To my info, Bangsar Village Christmas deco is not that nice. So I didnt snap much.

And since, Terence bought his new gadget, we asked him to capture us, in front of the mirror. He kept pressing his camera button, but either the picture ruined or one of us is missing.

Look at the below picture:-

LOLX @.@

While window shopping around the mall, we saw this - where it was made from children. 5yrs old, 6yrs old..etc...

And their contest!!

This is the housing street I guess.. haha..


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