Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day Of 1st Appointment

Supposed to go for my appointment at Selayang Hospital, 9am today (Thursday). But because I worked until 11.00am(Wed) till 6.00am (Thurs), I went home and set my alarm till 8am and I hope to sleep for 2hours.

*korean ringtone alarmed*

I press to OFF the mode. Get ready myself and prepared to go out. Was abit dizzy. Kept telling myself "OMG, I just slept for 2hours...of cox dizzy la. What do you expect?"

But..when I sees my mobile's's already 11.45am!

My god!!!

It meants that I totally sleep soundless when my alarm rings at 8.05am today. I straight drove to Selayang Hospital. Dont care for anything that moment.

Went to the dermalogica pendaftaran area and told them I'm late. But...they told me to come at 3pm later. I asked them whether can I have my appointment fwd to another day? And she checked for me , saying - 18 Feb (which falls on chor sei on CNY day). I couldnt make it at that time, cause I wont be in KL. So I called Jan and told her that I will be coming in late today. She's ok with it afterall. And I set my appointment at 3pm.

I even send an sms to Kenny, informing him that I will clock in at 4pm. He replied "ok" too. And..awhile later, he send another sms saying "No need to come in office today..just refer to jan, she said nothing on our side...So we can take rest". I called him to re-confirm again. He told me he got slight headache.

Since is about 12.45pm, I called Fatty that I will be waiting *here till 3am. He rushed back and accompany to have lunch with me from all the way - subang. Am touched ^^

Around 2.20pm, Fatty let me have a rest at his car. Slept about 20minutes to recharge my energy.

By 3.oopm, I went to the pendaftaran area again. Since I am 1st time there...they didnt ask me to pay. But will be paying RM5 if I comes on the 2nd time. Waited and waited for my name to be called out..

4.15pm. Foong Pek Cheng, someone called me.

Finally....and...OH NO! It's a young guy doctor whose gonna examined me! He talked with me in mandarin. I told him I couldnt speak mandarin and he changed to english later on. He even politely asked me whether I wan him to examine or I would prefer a lady doctor? I said..if preferable .. please be a lady. And he asked me to have a seat at the outside 1st and wait to be called again...

Hmph...waited about 30minutes. No one called me. Seinz~

Then, the same nurse came to me and said, the lady doctor is being incharge at the wad area and need more time. Even asked me if I am okay with the chinese guy doctor or not and she said she will be there too. (Maybe she's also think of my safety...and this is regards on my breast) . Awhile again...later.. the nurse called my name...and...haih~ again..I sees the young chap doc.

He asked me this few questions:-
- am I allergic to something?
- did I apply something over my breast?
- did I changed my body shower?
- any medication I take recently?
- etc..

And my answers to every questions is NO!

The nurse examine me .... and then the chinese doctor. And follow by an Indian doctor. =.="

And they came out a solution to give me a medicine to apply at my nipple there. The chinese doc - Samuel Wong, asked me to re-visit back after 1week later. So my next appointment will falls on 11 Feb - 2pm. He even said, if it's spreading, please come immediately. But if it didnt subside within one week, they will have to look another round.

I asked Doc Sam, how did this happen to comes from? He said he dont know. I said, dont you have any patient that come across like what I'm having now? And he replied - he didnt came across such things.

Uhrm..okays. I replied.

I was abit blur by then. Lack of sleep, and I have no answers of what is happening to me.

Anyway, this is the medicine that the provide to me.

It looks like cough medicine you know. The size of the bottle. First glance, I thought that they will be telling me to drink - 3times a day. (where actually the nurse told me to use a cotton bud to apply at my nipple)

10ML of this medi and mix with 5L of water. To get the medi dilute. And even - 3times a day!!

Huh? 3 times a day? Even I am at work, and need to apply? Haih...

And guess what? The color look exactly the same of the -bleach clothes wan.

I hope it will subside too after applying this medi.

*pray hard*

And yea... they even provide me an MC cert.


But I dont think I will be using it. Haha. thursday need to see doc at 2pm somemore. I think either I have that day as an MC or half day leave. Even on 25 Feb, I need to have the surgical @ the breast clinic at 10am. (for my right breast - where's there's a lump). I dont know why they wants me to come for the appointment nia.

*will be having either few MCs or Day Off this very Feb.