Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scamp Till I Drop

Scamping was never been good for me. Not at all. Infact, I hate to scamp! *Shit~

It was by force to do so - recently. I have no choice, but to seat in for the new brief job and discuss what is all about with the client's needs.


I felt sucks when I heard the word "scamp". Damn. That is what I hate the most.

Been thinking - should I just skip the scamp? Ugh~ Damn !!! Of coz I couldn't! But am happy that we gonna present visual to client and not on scamp (GBM).

I've tried to work hard on it. 1st, I find some reference, and props out everything that I need. Adjust the floor plan and so on.

Next..I sat down HOURS by holding the Pencil, ArtLine Pen and Eraser. This 3 stationaries has accompanied me for 4 DAYS! I started to prop out everything from Thursday till Monday. It was sucks. Real sucks.

Besides, I even had a very bad backache. Where got people scamp and get a backache wan? Yea.. And she is ME!

I do crave for a good massage on Friday. I told myself that - This weekend, I really do need a GOOD MASSAGE! And yea.. I got it on Saturday when I attended the Chic Pop at TTDI. Damn, the massage was given FREE - and it was just exactly what I needed!

I even told myself that I need a rest on Saturday. Why? Because Thursday and Friday - I already scamped throughout my working hours! More than 8 hours++++ I've been seating on my chair. Doing nothing but holding those 3 little things all the while.

I couldn't draw properly, that's why my very best friend, Pencil and Eraser been besides me all this while. Duh~ I draw a line, I rub 3 times. Shit not?

Though Wednesday was the brief job, and Friday was our internal meeting discussing about the scamp...and everything got REJECTED! @.@

Hmph..not quite rejected actually. Is, if possible - improve more. That's why Saturday I rest my brain off and Sunday - I concentrate FULL TIME on my work progress.

And...Sunday is where I just had my Meat Ball Mee Hoon soup - for the whole day. At night, I just have 3-IN-1 Nescafe and some biscuits to fill up my empty stomach. I got no time to go out nor take away. Been very focus on my scamps and results.

Slept at 4.30am and Woke up at 8.45am and get ready to work (on Monday) and is where TODAY (Monday) is the 2nd internal meeting again.

I prayed that everything will get in right this time...so I can focus more on the 3D part later and skip the sketch part.

My God..I've been scamping... for me like 15 YEARS nia! Though is just 3Days...But....Huh~ My half life just gone like that...Tired~

And..yea...Luckily everything went smooth. I should thanks to Kenny - because before I sat in the briefing, I explained what I wanted to do and proposed my scamps and even coming out the themes for my 2 scamps. He get what I trying to explained. And when, in the meeting room - I left some few words, Kenny helped me out.

Overall...everything was quite okay after the meeting. Just need to amend a few things and might add in some touch to it. But I do felt very happie - that I dont need to scamp ady after the 2nd meeting. Weeeeeee~