Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love My Day Today

Today was the day where we need to Gotong-Royang together. But I didnt do it :P Cause due to rushing job, I skipped that moment ><

In the afternoon, after our lunch was over...our boss called each one of us to enter his room. But most of my colleague who went inside and came out with some-sort of expression. Was not likeable type. I asked one of them, what happen inside?. She told me that there's no bonus this year - again. But in-return, in the envelope contains money of RM50. It's not just 10 pcs of RM50, but...quite alot of it. Well, better than nothing - *this is what I think of.

Damn~ I also seinz joh. But anyway, I didnt put high hope on getting bonus this year. It was my turn by then.

Boss told me this:

This year, there will be no bonus for you, fact, I will be giving you this Big Angpow. Hoping you will....etc.....


Awhile later, another colleague went to count his money. And came out by telling us that - though there is no bonus this year...but the money inside the envelope contains the amount of ur current monthly salary. Infact, also added some xtra money to it.

For example, if someone worked for RM5K per month, so this BIG ANGPOW contains RM5,000 plus ... RM100 or RM500. So total inside the envelope should be RM5,500 like that.

I told myself that I will count mine at home later ^_______^

As for dinner, our ADs and SM invited us for dinner, treated by them. Thanks to Kenny, Forest, Nigel and Jan for this awesome dinner!!! Well, infact - it's just for the Creative department only. Don't envy at us ok. It's good to feel that our heads treat us all...after such hardwork for everyone one of us.

Location for the dinner is at Jaya One, PJ. And the restaurant name is "Duck King". Of cause, this resto is famous of the DUCK! Yummy*

Side View

Front View

And this is what they ordered for us - one roll, with CNY ahead !! Yes!

Speciality - lou sang!

But we still need to wait...cause Kenny went home and be coming soon. We cant just leave him alone..Is definitely a NO!

While waiting, I have some photograph taken.

Cat helped us with the "yee shi"

Both buddies, eating happily :)

And coming on, ..serve with those dishes....

Steam fish. Very fresh indeed.


Fried Rice

My favourite! Xiong tong lala. (Was told by kenny that it was supposed to be prawns, but since the prawns is not fresh only order xiong tong lala)

Juice duck! Luvin' it sialz!

And...since I love lala alot, Jan gave me hers and Sam gave me one lala too. Damn.. Am happie that night! Got lala, everything works fine for me!!'s my bowl ...pai seh...(if u wan to see our amount for each person, scroll the above lala...then U will know how many I ate and given by others. lolx)

Love this alot! *burps*...opps chinese tea hot

Finally..we have a rest for our stomach...chit chat here and there..with a great laughter after all.

Urm...not yet with the laughter part...i guess~

See kelvin, he's acting the CNY cat. Hahaha...

And Kenny be the big boss, stand up, and asked the waiter to clean up the table.

And I started to take some scene around...


There's gurls walking towards...

Let's look at our guys...see what they do!!

Turning their heads over, and looked at those chics.

And...with a great laugh! Hahaha... so funny....

As we waited to be served, finally~

Gonna get started the shout-out

Stand by with chopsticks....


Lou ar...Lou arr...

No more OT arrrr

No more briefing after 6PM arrrr....


The mok tik if the day. Hard Laugh!

The mess...but this is still ok lor. Last year, more terrible...

And..came with dessert...

Lin of my fav food in CNY day. This r'ber about my aunt, where she will fried lin kou for me wan..hmph...miss that food alot cooked by her ><

yum yum!!!

And dessert...drinks....

And..continue to chat chat chat


Have a good laugh after alll...we talked about alot of things that night..

On how last time our family beat us with a cane, daddy's belt, lidi...and so on...

And..Wayne told everyone that "Xter's mum dunno how to *fit her, cause when she turn to xter, she really dunno where to *fit at. (cause I'm thin....) so, her mum will say - haiyaaa...u look at the wall!!!! (cause chen yee's parents use cane to cane her when she was very small. Infact, she need to face her body at the wall..and not to move around...and got canned) ><

Later, Kelvin fetched us back to TB...and I drove home myself.

Reached home, I opened my envelope...

And saw this!!

one lump sum of money...*eyes blink blink*

And I started to count...

*with love*

Is true, that it's the exactly amount of my monthly salary..and yet.. there's an extra given too.

But before, I told myself... If Teabreak gave me bonus this year, I'm going to double up my parent's allowance. Usually, I give them RM300 each. So I told myself that I might be giving them RM600 or maybe RM700 each.

As for tonight, when I noticed that I have extra 1,000...I changed my mind.

I gave them RM1,000 each. Though is RM2K gone, but am happy that I gave them the money. I never gave them any that exceed RM500 before. So this is my very FIRST time!

I know..I lack of money, due to problems happened to me past few weeks back. But..I will recover every expenses. Sharing my happiness is what I'm willing to give. Somemore, they are my parents. At least, for this day - I can make them happy ^^


JLean said...

Popping by to check out . =)

kenwooi said...

that's really a lot of money.. haha.. and the food, yummy! =)

Xter said...

yea...considering - love the food and as well as the money... ^^ damn..reli luving it that day....!!