Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy CNY

Gong Hei Fatt Choi ahhh....Huat ahhhhh....

Been posting this title, every since after Friday... Been Huat here and there, ever since last Thursday. Am getting excited for the long holiday on CNY day. Can't wait to see how I spend it wisely...

First of All,

Happy CNY to my dear beloved Justin. Nah. How can I forget to wish him in every occasion of CNY day lea? Who tell him to leave us on the very BIG DAY itself? Will be always remembered!! And damn, I will never ever forget him (unless I'm in coma - then, please forgive me) Besides, the 2nd one is...Happy Valentines Day Justin! Hope you got your other half on the other side of your pretty world. Infact, I'm curious...if YES, you have the other half..I do hope to see her too!! (so if got, please...please come to my dream once more) my mum, dad and not forgetting - sister. Hoping Mum and Dad will have a longer life throughout - for many many years as they can.... (siao..I think they spending my 1k for them...haha..Just a joke. I dont think they spend it lor...) beautiful sister + her hubby - Happy CNY and Valentines to you both!! May, you both has the sweetest and romance ever!! (btw, where's my angpow?? :P)

I love my sister's angpow...cause...she will be giving me in AUS dollars! slurp... (eyes goes shinning). Last year, since she came back..she gave me AUS300! For me, it's alot ady. I even took of $100 to buy my canon camera...last till now...and is still functionable siao... And the rest, I still keeping it.

To all my chinese friends, hoping they gamble and WINS LOTS! Huat arrrrr!!!!

For couples, Happy Valentines...

This is the year - where CNY and Valentines fall at the same date. And I still think, CNY stays the priority as it related to family reunion - once a year.

Anyway, for those who still single and haven't date or might have a crush on someone - please, please do your JOBS to make them love you back ^^ Who knows? That the one you likes, may likes you back... So, this is the day to show your love~

For me.. On 1st day of CNY, I will be staying at home...accompany my family and might have dinner together. Surely will be my treat ^^

As for my Valentines... hmph..I got no plan. Nothing to plan off. So, I think it would be just another day for me.

Anyway, 2nd day of CNY - I will be going to Kuantan. It's fatty's family hometown - and I met them before. I wanna see how's Kuantan is - and will be using both of my lomos ^^

ps: will be bringing 3 cameras - Black Bird, Harikin, and Canon soh kua seong kei.