Monday, June 20, 2011

6une's Sundowner

And this month of June's Sundowner would be

Aswad + Xter (Yes, that's me!)

(*clap clap, cheering)

Supposedly our sundowner is to falls on last month - May, but due to some reason we moved ours to June instead.

Questions. What's Sundowner? Well, to most of the australian peeps- they would have sundowner every month and get close together with a bit of chit-chatting and beers / drinks around. Is to release stress and get enjoy for about an hour or two with their colleagues and staff. Well, it depends. For australian, they would know what sundown is.

At the very beginning, me and my mate came out few ideas and YES, finally we stick to one - which is "bring out the 70's" But of cause, we mainly highlighted it as either BEST DRESSED of 70's or for the GAME - WIN LOOSE OR DRAW.

In the end, after the discussion was held, neither is Best Dressed or the Game could be shout out. It was told that, we need to keep everyone to get to know each other more yet to create an atmosphere where everyone could talk things and share things together-ness.

But, unfortunately, what me and my mate think that - differently. We do wish to throw out the game and shout out for the game too, since we can't highlight for the winner as in Best Dressed in 70's (Yes, I get the idea that we dont need our colleague to stress out just to get the outfit / the fashion). But we also do respect for the person and agreed to have 1 hour session where everyone have their tit-bits, photos together-ness, share some talks. And after that 1hour only the game will held. Fair and square yea.

So, on the 2nd week before the sundowner week came, I send out my artwork to everyone - just to get them notice on our next week sundowner theme :)

Very simple note for everyone to be get ready on the coming 70's

And, the very week itself, I send out another email to everyone again

Actually with 2 colours too.
Each of the day, I surprise everyone by sticking up at 4 areas with different things.
And the final outcome would look like - the above :)

So, here's our 6UNE'S SUNDOWNER! Ya Baby :) poster :)

and cutie is Me...ain't I'm cute enough =p

So, here's the game room or called as chillout zone too.

The arrangement of the table and chairs set by Aswad

And thanks to Uncle Rama, Uncle Muru, Sha, Kakak and Ivan
for lending a helping hand to us

that's pretty sha and uncle rama

that's me with uncle rama

Tada! our food and beverage was nicely prepared.

Ding Dong! It's 6pm. And..Yes! Whoever wore the pass
(a tag which I prepared) and came in, will have a free drink served

There you go...all my colleagues.
And am happie for them as they tried to wear like in 70's.
Some of em, really do surprised me alot!

Like in-

Genki and Shuli. Their Hairband - wow! pretty and I'm the cute one yea!

Mr Lee - who dressed up as in Bruce Lee!
I asked, did he cut the hole himself, he says yes and he dirty his clothes himself too.
I was like - WHOAH MAN! You so serious..but I like it!!!

Harris..who draw himself beard and make himself look so man..Mafia I think =p

And there..they filled up the space

Well, one more thing. Can you spot my Big Domo?


Not only that, the Daddy Mafia would like to take pictures with the gurls too...

All so leng~ Lovin' it

And the pretty two gals too that owe's iphone member

Since I wonder here and I decided to keep myself busy a lil bit

Yea, doing up nuggets for them to eat. It's like - Restoran City by Playfish!

Finally, the time that me and Aswad been waiting for have finally arrived.


Let's gather. For those who would like to stay for the game, need to take their crayons as provided. Choose either Group A or Group B and pick your favourite colours.

By then, only we announced that - who ever choose Group A and Group B need to stand either right or left side. And with the crayons that everyone took, their group member need to think of a name for their group and start to draw their group name on a piece of paper that provided by aswad.

There you go..but..Urm, what's wrong with my face?
And YEAP, I Carry Domo around - if you noticed.

There's Group B work.
Everyone need to draw to show off your own talent and drawing skills.

Well everyone was busy, me and aswad was busy too.

By taking photos with Uncle Rama =p

and also, going to Group A and B to see what they draw

See, this is called TEAMWORK!

And..The Group name called themselves as

Group A - DogLien

Group B - Seafood

And here - they showed off their artwork.

Group A showed off to Group B

And Group B fighted back with Group A

Okok..Stop the fighting.

Let's go with the Game - Win Loose or Draw.
Who ever group wins the most sc0res will walk away the hamper that cost RM50!

How to Play?
A card will given to the drawer and the person need to draw without any voice or action being made. Only the group member can allowed to speak out. If the group fails to achieve what was being draw, the other group can take over the drawing and try guessing it out. if the other group could guess what was being drawed, they can obtain half mark on their own group.

The games starts.

Drawer trying hard to draw up so her group member can guess it correctly

another drawer

And the group...

Well, not only that..some of them draw as in

Pussycat dolls!

or our company name appeared.

This was brilliant! He drew a church across the road with a building of 6 level.
Someone guessed it correctly, and is a HER. She's damn geng lor.

And after an hour of playing the game, is already 8pm.

Before me and aswad could congrats the winner, Group A wish to tested US - The host to be part of the drawer too.

Meaning, I need to draw and Aswad need to describe what I drew and so do I later.

Tada. My Drawing.

It was - Happy Hour Massage.

At 1st, I tot of skipping that out. But, damn, I give a try.

And YES, my mate guessed correctly very fast too.

Next My turn.

Aswad drew that.

I have difficulties in guessing this. What I know is - my boss name and the company.

But there's 3 lettering. What's the middle one?

But..In the end..even the time was out - only I knew, the middle lettering is "from"


To fasten everything, we called out for the winner. And it goes to

GROUP B - Seafood

Big Congrats for being supportive with each other at your own group.
As for Group A, Nice try ya. You guys are good too!

Apparently, some of the player had left. But still, this group are the winner

Congrats once again!

Hope you guys have FUN ya! Happy end of 6une's sundowner

Love Yo
Aswad + Xter ,*)


theeggyolks said...

it looks fun!! :D

Xter said...

yah..just chillout relaxin on fridays :)