Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Almost Occur A Mess Up

Yesterday Mei 1st day at work near the Prima Jusco there. Well. Anyone know where is Happy Hours? Yea.. Around the area. It's a pub.

I promised Nam that I will be there with Dou. But when I reached, Nam was not there. Mei intro me to Ah Beh and Ah Wah. At Last! I saw who is Ah Beh. The One I'm chatting all the while with him at MSN. Haha. Is Mei Gip me de. Dun get me wrong. Then, Dou bring me to the 1station to have a drink - cuz those beers or wine is not what I wanted.

Then, Nam called me. He say he reached there liao. So I told my baby that I need to go there at least say HI to him. Somemore Dou wanted to meet who is AH NAM for so long.

Reached the pub again, couldnt find Nam. So we waited. Dou told me, "we go back la". I say awhile only. Somemore Mei asked me to tell Jun come also. So I sms give to Jun. But he feedback was negative. So I dun wanna paksa him lor.

Then, I saw Nam. He looks abit busy. I told Dou "Neh.. dat is Ah Nam ya". Before I could continue my next wording, Dou go to Nam there - near the stairs. Sitting next to me was Juffee frens - Ah Chun. When I rushed to Dou there, Ah Chun saw me and he rush over. Since Chun came behind me, all the gang start to come over. Walau eh! Is just a talk between those guys lea... Why everyone wanna come? Even Juffee told Dou dont mess up this place. I told Dou to stop everything NOW. Then he took my hand and we left the pub.

I was so mad. Pretty mad. I asked Dou what he wants? He said "I just ask him izzit the flower he give you, izzit he wanna tackle me and bla bla bla". AND THAT'S WHY I'M MAD! Earlier, I told him that the flower is from unknown sender. No use if he point at Ah Nam, since he didnt admit it, so just let it go rite?

When he fetched me home, I called Nam to apologize and I even msg Mei. I even msg Jun whether is he free to take me over to Juffee pub there. He's ok and he come to pick me up. Well well well, reached, I didnt greet Nam. Even he's the 1st person I met when I got in alone.

Then I saw Mei. She keep on say alot of things. Saying, this la, that la. Saying izzit Dou wanna her to got fired or wut. Then Saying those things like - Dou is NEVA a good guy! Then Juffee came. He told me and Mei go inside the room.

He say alot of things. Mei kept saying bad bout Dou. Normal gua. Cuz she neva like him after something has happened. Anyway, Juffee got told Mei that - ahem.. is their problem lor. Their Problem I dont wanna say. Then Mei got out, and left me and juffee alone. Juffee told me one thing dat Dou will be very faithfull to his girl and never go fishing around. I asked him, "If he go fishing, I also dont know la.". Juffee said "he is my brother, and I know what he's like. We even drop blood together - whole gang". I know Juffee now sit as a boss place. Even he wanna pangkat Chun to be Boss, but give other people pushed down him. He even said "dat time i called Dou to come over (mostly come over is a gang fight), but he said he watching movie. So I know he watching movie with you, so i say nevermind". I told him "I know you called him. I even told him to cal you back, but you didnt pick up his phone either". Mmmm.. Anyway, Juffee told me many many things lor. Nice talking with him actually. Good looking, Nice, Those talking make sense also.

He even told me dat he's going vacation soon. And he reli hope Mei will not depend on him. Cause work is work. Personal is personal. That's what I tot also...