Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is Lying Do Good To You?

Well, Just go ahead and answer my question. Yes Or No?

If this person is reading my blog, I guess he/she will say "Yes! Telling a lie do me good and I feel comfortable with it!" or "No! I hate liars! I dont lie, and try no to lie"

But... MY FREN IS!

Guess, most of you also A LIAR - Including me.

Who dont tell lies right? We tell lies - mainly to protect ourselves. But ALWAYS telling lies, doesnt do good also. What do you gain for telling lies? Mummy giving you xtra penny ma? Or daddy bringing you to touch the miracle rainbow??

As I said earlier, I received this flower - from UNKNOWN person. What The Fuck? So... I juz forget it ba.

Mei: Tell you one thing but... U must PROMISE ME not 2 let my bro no. If not, he will mad at me coz he ask me dun tel u but u no i wont hide anything frm u dear.
xter: Juffee na? Wut thg? ( 2 bro.. which wan????)
Mei: Nope. Its ah nam. He hav fan sao wif my ah sou 2day. my ah sou say she felt insecurity wif him coz yesterday ah dao matter. She sked next time wil mou la la ppl beat her up o wat woh. Damn man. Pity my bro. They hav pak toh 4 long time liao. U c wat dao hav done. V all thung hui yao sao ar? Even jun fai oso sked dao liao now. He say wont dare ask him out joh. Lata gaduh again at ppl place.
xter: Wut da gurl fuck? Date so long den sked n break off ar? If lidat, den y ur nam wana play up?He say no gf la. How gd if im his gf la n bla bla. WTF is ur nam up to also har? Play innocent izzit?
Mei: No lar. Told u adi lah. He very funny wan lah. He juz wan 2 best fren onli mah. Duno dao dat siu hei wan lar since u can joke around. He felt comfortable 2 toc 2 mah coz u veli wan dak n can joke everything.
xter: He know dou kenot play aroun, den he should put a stop. Y he continue doin lidat? Now I found out he got gf n fools around, i lagi dun like him. So Immatured!
Mei: U wan 2 think like dat oso me got ntg 2 day liao. U really think dao gd ar? Juz bcareful wif him lar.
xter: Is true. U tink bek wut ur bro did 2 me ok. All da lies he told me. U oso know i fuckin hate ppl who told me lies. As 4 dou, 2 break up, I need 2 catch him red-handed.
Mei: U will no soon lah. B Patient.
xter: Yea,hope so.
Mei: Juz promise me 1thing, dun let da 2nd ALAN ruin our relationship k dear?
xter: Alan case i dont wana mention ANYMORE. I told u b4 rite? But tis time, I dont hope 2 get more lies AGAIN ok.

-n- there is no more reply... until i remember one thing..

xter: N another thg, u stil hvnt giv me ur interview company name n contact number.
Mei: 4get liao lah. Tel u 2nite lah k? Toc lata joh. Hav 2 work. Afta bos diu me die loh.

So, I sms to Ar jun next ...

xter: Wana ask 1thg, u dont go ask ah nam ok. So far u fren wif him, did he eva told u dat he got gf ma? Juz askin ya. If duno, den its ok.
Ar Jun: No la. He dun hv gf la. Wat he told u? He toc funny again ah? Say he boring n stuff ah? If he got gf, he wouldnt say like dat lor.
xter: Mmm, if got time, i xplain 2 u. I wana hear wut mei wana say. U confirm neva heard nam mention his own gf rite?
Ar Jun: Yalor
xter: I duno who wana fool n lie me now. If i know dat's person lie to me, den bye la. I got fucktup liao.
Ar Jun: Ic. Cuz last time i ask nam, he say he single mah. I dun noe if he lie or wat la. So far dats all i hear lor. i oso dun bother wan.
xter: Haha...Urm, okla. Thx lotsa. Probably they wana play ghost around.

Say..since you guys read it .. do you notice that Mei is full of hatred towards dou? So far, I REALLY 100% DID NOT hear that Ah nam say he got gf. He kept saying he seinz joh in his boring single life. Now? Suddenly pop out this gurl and called Ah Sou ar? N now put all the blames to my boy? WTF man! N suddenly break up because Dou question stuff with Ah Nam?

All Lies and Bullshit la! Is like a drama series movie. Izzit they plan all liao har? Even Ar Jun neva heard of Nam dat he got a GF lea. Somemore, everytime I heard dat Nam go to Mei place la, or watch movie la, or clubbing la. That's all lor.

Now... say Alan stuff ar? FUCK LA! Alan stuff, I BET most of my secondary frenz know what has happen actually. N Now she go tell me she saved me from being cheated? What sort of excuse is this har? N say "dun let da 2nd ALAN ruin our relationship" ?WUI! Did Alan ruin our friendship ar? No! He didnt. Both of you just NEEDED and dat's the end. Y pulak Dou will be the 2nd Alan? Izzit cause u have feelings for him and he didnt notice it? Gosh! N now, u wanna balas dendam izzit? Balas dendam oso not like dat de lor.

Somemore tell me about his past? Luckily I know everything much more earlier. If bek to my old behavior, sure I fucktup and ask for a break liao. But this time, I really change alot. N because I DAMN changed alot, she wanna create more and more stories. I wonder, wut will it to be -NEXT????

-but- in the meantime, Nam n Mei didnt call up me. And she still HAVENT give me the COMPANY NAME and PHONE NUMBER!!!

Oopps... why not we get back to the flowers there? I ngam ngam remember one thing.

Mei: Can u gimme ur off n hse add? My company need info woh. pls...
xter: (so i gave both to her)
Ar Jun: Nam ask me ur name kard. me hv it, bt i said i left in da hse. Wonder y lea?
Mei: Not da pub wan. its office part time, receptionist. I need it now lar.
xter: I oso didnt ask anything?
Mei: Juz let u no mah. Hope I can get tis job 2 so, got more income...
xter: Yea, then you can treat me eat shark fin and bird nest also.
Mei: Muahahaaha. No problem! Ah yat abolone!

Then when the flower deliver liao, I smsed to Ar Jun, Nam and Mei saying "WHO SENT ME FLOWERS?
Ar Jun: Huh? Not me lor. Nam kua? hahah
Nam: Wat flowers? got ppl send u flowers ar?
Ar Jun: Hahaha. Wat flower he send u? Pink rose ah?
Mei: Really dunno lar dear. I swear. Me oledi got home n now work. He dun even no i ask ur add 4 my interview.

So,now bocor lor! Somemore that same day, Nam came and help me see my car also. I asked him where is Mei work and interview just now? He said "Near my working place lor". I forgot either is Sentul or Jalan Ipoh liao. From there, I know she's telling me a lie liao.

Nway, another thing is.. I overcome this problem.

Since some of you have read what I wrote in my previous title called "Eye On Malaysia" rite? Because I said everything is true, the gurl that I wrote, she suddenly go and hate my frenz and saying something like "frenz over between you and me". WALAO! If she dare, come SAY IT TO ME wut! Why do such things to the innocent people lea? I DARE her to tell me to break off FRIENDSHIP ONCE MORE TIME! Cause last time her attitude also like dat, and we broke up friendship for 2 years! Until.. when she came to appologize to me via ICQ, thru there someone also told me that she broke up with her boyfren!

Everything in her also BOYFREN! Boyfren 1st, boyfren last. Yea, Boyfren for her is super IMPORTANT in her life. I even know more things about her, but I just keep quite to myself. Cause the way she make frenz and reuse her own frenz and treat them like no-body, telling all sort of lies to them and so-on. If she wanna have proof, I can just fucking tell all the truth. See where she can hide her face infront of me la.

Even her own NEWLY blog, she gave people insult until no face as well! I've been wondering, why she never changed! Last time, i told someone to forgive her wrong-doings, but she insists that she did everything was right. If she's not my close fren, I will load her blog URL in here and let everyone know and aware

Luckily till now, she didnt make use of me. And that's why she darent and seldom onli - once in a blue moon will come to us. That's when WE ARE HER SPARE TYRE! Everyone know that "Spare Tyre" this name also. We come out, cause of friendship and forgot the "Spare Tyre" this name. But each time she's doing like that, I hate even more....UNTIL... I write my blog here.

Is lying do good to you?
Is treating your fren like a dirt, U will be very happy?
Is ur fren - always your spare tyre and water fish?

Wooo... wait wait a sec.... SHE DID MAKE USE OF ME - in many ways, which you will never noticed or find out.