Monday, August 13, 2007


To all bloggers. What is blog to you?

Write something interesting?
Write something that really bother in your mind?
Write something you like and hate?
Write something that you wanted to share with others?
Write something that is regarding about your life?

and so on....


That's what I wrote. I wrote those things I Love, Like and Hate. Because I dont wanna keep it inside my heart, I say it all loud in my blog. I know sometimes my blog irritates some people, sometimes my blog makes people happy. But since you write blog, you must be fair. Not every time you need to write good stuff, and keep all the bad stuff right? I wont keep the lor. If I cant tahan anymore, I write all.

Blog is like my diary also. So, when I said Diary - most of you will know what it means. You write everything - totally everything. Even I wrote those breakup moments with my ex, those people I dont like, those places I visited and bla bla bla...

And since you start to write blog, you must aware that the feedbacks and comments that people give you will be good and bad - some even worst still. But you must accept all the comments! Learn from there. Be Yourself! Not to be FAKE.

I dont add salt and vinegar in my blog. I say everything which is true and fact wan. If someone dont like what I write, just skip my blog and dont bother. But if what I wrote really really makes you wide awake, Then GO TO THE RIGHT PATH! Don't stick in the dirt road anymore. You still got so many things to see and look for.

Good friends is hard to find, as well as good lovers too. So you must appreciate the things in front of you and never let it go. But to hold the good opportunity, you must also divide your timing to others as well. So that you wont make people talk bad and hate behind you.

That's why I like reading . She's frank in everything. If she dont like that person, she totally dont like him or her. She is the one who dont pretend to like that person eventhough she actually hate him/her.

When I write, I dont care and think who will be my enemy next. At least I wrote - you want to listen or dont, that's your problem. If you feel shame and hate me, cuz I write so many stuff about you in my blog - which people will actually read, then why not you shame on your ownself 1st?