Monday, August 27, 2007

Life Being Single

I wanna be single back..... yeeellllll.....

Hmmm.... Dunno why lea. Saturday I didnt see my baby, cuz I very lazy. Somemore I got abit gastric and tend to stuck on the TV also. And then do freelance job also. So mai tot dunwan go out lor.

Then Sunday, Baby called up and I was still sleeping. He wanna come find me, then later he tell me to sleep awhile. After awhile, I woke up and I called him back. He told me "why so fast wake up? Go sleep back ok." I asked him what he's doing now, he said watching people play Mahjong. He say will call me back later.

Ok.. I woke up hungry. Then I started to watch those DVD's that I lend from June.

Well. This movie. Not Bad!!! If anyone interested in watching Korean Movies, I intro this to you. It calls "The Beast and The Beauty" (2005).

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Its about a girl who met this guy. This gurl was actually blind and one day she received a call from her doctor saying she gonna see things soon. She was so fucking happy and ...

That's it. I dont wanna write liao. Haha. It's funny and you will cry also. Really a touching story.

Then, I even watched this "When Romance Meet Destiny" (2006).

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This movie is so-so lor. Not bad also la. Is juz that - FOR GUYS, If you met a gurl Just for temporary wan Once you have sex with her after the 12 times, Remember to Break Off with her else she will throw tantrums oh.

Ok..back to me again... Since watched two movies liao. My stomach kepts on yelling "FEED ME YOU IDIOTO"

So, I went out. Smsed my boy that I'm gonna go eat. I went down straight to The Curve all alone. Thinking that "How I Wish To Be Alone Once Again - without attached" Am I insane and being selfish?

I parked my car at Cathay there. Was super afraid, Cuz I fucking park hell when it came to those "park straight line". Somemore I one person also. Ask Mei, Ken, June, Kit, Dou. They will know how is my parking skills in "park straight line". Duh.

I went down one level. Hmmm.. Here got alot of open space parking. But still I search for ONE empty park. I wanna learn parking my ownself without direction! Though is dangerous, But I wanna LEARN. N yuppie yuppie hooray!!! I got in. I reverse back and then park way straight. I nearly hit the car next to me. But I managed to avoid hitting the car. Wow. Nicely closed up. Haha.

Then, I got up to the escalator and then I tot "why not i catch a movie myself? Since I reached here rite?" Mmm.. Somemore I wanna watch Black Sheep (the zombie lambs) and Evan Almighty.

Black sheep starts on 5.30pm. I looked at my time. It's already 3.45pm. So I looked at the cinema screens again. Evan Almighty is 4.00pm - Limited seats! Ok! I plan to watch Evan Almighty. Hopefully I still got a nice seat for myself. Yup! I got seat E. Not bad. So I rushed to watch my movie.

The Movie ends around 6pm. My stomach said "I'm tired to ask you to feed me, you buffalo". Duh. I used my energy to walk across to the Ikano. I wanna reach to Cold Storage. Before going there. I Plan to go to Pet's Safari. I wanna buy another NEW IGUANA!!!!! But it's way tooo up. So I changed my mind and walk straight to till Cold Storage.

I took the basket and do my shopping. Bought lots of stuff, my biscuits "shapes". Wow! From RM4.59 It went up till RM6.49. Fucking expensive. But only Cold Storage got sell the Shapes. Duh. I bought 4 different flavours. Then some snacks as well. Lollies and puddings also. Hmmm... got xcited. But when came to the cashier. Gosh, Is RM61.06. What the hell I bought?????

MMmmm never mind, at least now I got some food to eat. No need to stuck hungry or whatever. Haha. Can eat those when I feel like eating. Wow! Life's so good.

After my shopping, i got home. I smsed my baby that I reached home. Still no sign of him. Huh.

After y dinner, still no sign of him. He usually is not like dat de. So I called him around 9pm something. I asked him "what are you doing?" He said he call me back later. Ok. I watched another movie called "FIGHT CLUB". Starred Brad Pitt, Fincher, Edward Norton and bla bla bla. At 1st I watched this movie, I gotta sleep. Is totally boring in the beginning. But sooner, it gets more interesting.

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Watched this movie till 1.15am. I called my baby again. Told him I going to sleep. Duh. He's still outside. I wondering izzit he out with Ah Lun. Cuz he supposed to help him coming out cash RM300. While thinking and thinking, i felt asleep. At 2.30am, Baby called up. He reached home liao. Was happy cuz he safe arrive home. Somemore yesterday is the Ghost Festival.

I slept back and he called me again. He asked me where am I. I said I was sleeping Asked what's wrong? He said "your voice sounds lively". Haha. Of cuz Lively ner... cuz happy to hear he called me back ma. Wahhahahahaha....

But being half day single, I'm already happy. Cause I can do and go and buy whatever I want. Geess...