Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Eye On Malaysia

Devi called me last saturday. Saying she will be going yumcha with Fong Yuen and Fui Sun. I cant go ner, Cause I bought Movie ticket - Flash Point. While watching, sms came. I ignored. Sms came again. I ignore again. Dou look at me, cause his hands is at my lap resting. I just smiled at him and continue to watch my movie.

After the movie end, I read my messages. Devi told me that they all wanted to go to "eye on malaysia" and they are asking me to drive cause none of them (besides devi) has sit my car. Is not that I dont wanna drive them out for a drink - But It's THEM! How come Devi sat my car before where else both of them didnt? Cuz one of them who have a boyfren, and that's make no frenz. Is not the 1st time she's been like dat. It looks suffer for her if she force herself to yum cha with us. But whenever she broke up or have a fight with her boy, she will eventually find us. Izzit we are her spare tyre huh? She's been doing all this long. I got quite fedup actually.

I still remember once, me and my frenz called her house number. Her bro told us that she left the house adi. Then we called her Handphone. She told us that she was in the bed - sick. Fine. We called again his house number. This time we spoke in mandarin. His brother confirm that her sista went out adi. He say she's not in the house. From there, we know she's telling us a lie. Why not straight and tell us that she's dating? It's no big deal for telling us the truth rite? Having a boyfren supposed to be proud, not secretive. Like her boyfren cannot see light - that type lor.

So, when she called them yum cha and going "eye on malaysia" I adi feel somehing is wrong liao. Been half the year she never join us for a drink liao lor! When each time we invite her to join, she will either say she's not free or working part time or doing her hair done at saloon. All the excuses that you can think off. Who dont fedup of this right?

Somemore, for the other gurl. I dont even know what's wrong with her de la. She's been making me mad for the last 2 months which falls on May and June. Most of you, especially my 2 godbros, Phaik Bee, Ar Jun, June, Nicole, Devi, my boy know what;s going on with me for that 2 months. Yeah! I've been having a very fucking tight financially probs. 1st, she told me to pay half the payement of the bali trip. Which is RM450 And then she told me the next amount - around RM500+ including the spa thngy. It's already directly said that "You faster return my money la". Fuck la! They are the ONE who told me that they going to help me for my financial probs, which they know I dont have xtra left. Even told me that "you can slowly return la". But now???? Just got betrayed - DEFINATELY! How do you feel if someone is like my THIS sucking situation? I just newly bought my car lea, dont have money for my own also.

Probably They really wanna see me die gua. But "pin pin" I choose not to die! Even Phaik Bee told me that, "see la, tell you dont go, GO for what? Sendiri susah!".

And now? Both of them "ngee ngee ngam ngam" neva sit my car before. WUI FUCKERS! I still remember one thing that One of the gurl said to them - (when wanna go yum cha dat time). She said "u drive you car, u drive your car, I drive my car". Then Devi said "How bout xter? Who going to fetch her?" Then this gurl said "tell her walk to here la". Wah! When I know this, I totally hate liao! Full of hatred! What sort of frenz is this?

Now? i own a car. They now say "I dunwan drive la. Always drive up and down". Another gurl say "my mum wanna use my car la". Then? Dunwan drive SO?? Still want to go ar? Is not me who want to go lor. Why they ask me drive them ar? Supposed who suggest going there - she MUST DRIVE la. Give so many stupid reason for what?

Once sit my car, already want to go so far. Luckily I'm not that kira want. But I dont quite like them that they make use of me! I dont like this kind of frenz.

Sometimes I wonder, Izzit boyfren reli so important that you ignore your own frenz? Unless you have a fight or break off with your boyfren, then you crawl back to your frenz? Is not that everyday we ask you come out rite? We also know you wanna spend time with your boy/gurlfren, but we just asked you Once In A Blue Moon. That's not much rite? Hmmm.....

Back to the road for going "eye on malaysia". I also think that they fooled me by using the longer road. Up there blogger readers. You tell me la. I from selayang heading to Titiwangsa. My fren told me to use MRR II and go to Ampang there. When I asked my fren from MSN, they said can use Jinjang/ Jln Ipoh, or use the Takawal there de. I also know I kena from them. Cause when heading back, is quite a short road. But when going, Even I used the 1st lane - fast lane, Is quite long also. U know la, 1st lane is fast lane, so I drive fast - NOT THOSE SUPER SUCKS FAST ok". If they wanna sit my car for longer, can tell me ma. Like "we wanna sit ur car longer, so can use MRR II ma? Though is abit longer wan". At Least speak out la!