Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thanks Lotsa : Wykie

I've been squeezing my time so that I can do my portfolio before the interview. And since, if my portfolio is not done yet, I cant send out my resume. Worst still, means I cant apply for job or send out my resume. That's the part I worried the most.

Each time I got extra time, I will do the portfolio. But after finish some of it, I will not satisfied and will redo all over again and again and again. That's why I'm still half way stuck. I've tried to seek advice from Nicole, on how she did for her interview. Either way was burn it into a CD, else print out the artwork.

Print Out The Artwork. That's what I thought of it too. But 1st thing 1st, it's a waste of time. And 2nd thing, I need to bring it to cosway for printing as well.

On lunch the other day, I bring out the same subject to June. She told me not to print, but to lend laptop from people or friends. And she teach me how to prepare myself when going for the interview and open the laptop - let it be in sleep mode, so it wont waste any of our time. That's a good idea coz I dont need to rethink how should I come out with my portfolio.

But the main thing is - WHERE CAN I FIND A LAPTOP???

And here - Wykie MSN me after my lunch. Besides, I aim on her also. Cause I know she cin cai person and will help friends if she can help de. So, I sun pin ask permission from her. Thanks gurl. I promise to take care of her laptop and will bring back to her everytime I finished my interview. Just scared abit mafan only, cause this time I might go for alot of interview - IF I COULD.

My burden was release all of a sudden. Just the main thing, I have to do the open size of my packaging - into a 3D box. It would be more fun to see more stuff anyway.

Well, been going out since from last friday till today - Wednesday. Thursday might go clubbing and Friday might go give support for fatty's best friend cause she got into finalist!!! Congratulation to her 1st. She's pretty!!!! I like to see her, cause she owes a very deep sweet dimple. Guys will sure lam her de...

Main thing, I dunno whether I should go for teh clubbing or not. Mum nag me today. Say I've been going out alot. Luckily she didnt shout or throw tantrums at me. Maybe I'm cute nowadays, so she "mm sai dak". Wahahahahahha... Just a joke. But at least, I'm still in the house and eat some mum's cook food. The other day, mum dar bao bak kut teh for me. Just recently, she make my favourate dish - chicken, sausage and roasted pork + cabbagge. She's good to me huh?? Yupee...

Today supposed to watch STEP UP II. Reached 1utama at 8.30pm and I found out that the show is limited. Left 9seats only - and that's was the FRONT ROW! How come now everyone rushing for STEP UP II!!!! Why want rush together with me jek... Kesian me. I wanna watch this show oso dont have faith. Izzit need to buy DVD to watch liao? Anyway, we bought a show called 10,000BC. Fatty say, if like that he better bring me to Pavillion. He knows I like Pavillion. Well, next time only go ner. Cause he also been tired and wakes up late.

Oh ya...sweetest thing was ....


while going to work today. As usual, I will look at the center mirror. And to my surprise, I saw fatty car was behind me! That was unusual. I really really got a surprise ner, yet happie since can bump into him FIRST TIME.

Okiez, back to 1utama. We went to this Japanese Restorant called Nippon. We tried went there before last time, but usually the SAME GUY will told his that it was closed and tell us come back tommorrow with a sweet smile and polite manners. So this time, we finnaly have the opportunity to eat over there. Fatty was happie, cause the dish he called was what he wanted to eat for so long.

After the meal, we went for a short walk and I came across with this kinda cute and adorable somesort of animal mascot. It was form by putting those tinny and normal type a balloons.

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And there you go.. fatty magnet to Mac rather than to me