Saturday, April 19, 2008


Thanks to Wykie for lending me her laptop for the past two days. Though is abit rush, but it's worth it!!!

1st warm up, I went to Dataran Prima. This was introduced by Alan, my former ex Art Director who worked together with. He ask me go try since the interviewer need designer also. So, of cause I go and try lerr...

That day I called up was in Thursday morning, and she asked me can go interview.. So I make it on that same day at 8.00pm.

Rushed everything. I didnt know!! I have tol make plans on going back home to save my portfolios, and go jinjang to collect laptop from wykie..Then only fatty will come and pick me up, guide me the road to Dataran Prima there. Thanks alot to him..

Reached there, the Agency is in Condo. The women who interview me is quite nice. Very nice instead. She's now in servicing line where else last time she was a designer also. Is not much stress working with her, since can have own privacy online, can play MSN TV to watch. She dont mind at all. Only if can finish work, den it's ok.

She ask me lower rate for me is how much. She can only give me RM2.5K. I totally cant survive for that! If she need to budget, then how about me? From all the way to Dataran Prima lea...

Anyway, I'm the last designer she's going to interview and the jobpost is off already after me. Then will hear news from her within a week.

After the interview was over, Fatty fetch me to meet Wykie to return her laptop and sunpin eat western food nearby. Have chit chatw ith her until 11pm.. Then i gotta run off adi. Fatty still need to bring me go to Hartamas for my next interview and I need to be alert and joit down the road signs...I'm blur in road tracks.


I was in deep shit. Is nice to gain xperience.. Well, see how for that interview as I saw their website, It aint cool to me since the founder was a malay chap.

On friday, Fatty help me rush to wykie's working place to help me get the laptop. And he hoping to go to hartamas with me. Planned was like this

- since Fatty willing to help me to get the laptop, and I tot I wait him at the Menjalara skool. Then I can straight away find my way according to the directions I joitted down yesterday night.

Never knew, Fatty told me to wait him at Menjalara. Saying the Menjalara skool is in traffic jam. I kept on asking why... then onli I know he trying to rush back and wanna go hartamas with me. Sei Chai Bao. But worth it also. Got him beside me, I dont sked I make the wrong turning.

Reached Hartamas Plaza Damas, I drove up and find my Baby Neo a parking space. Keep on finding the BLOCK E! I keep on walk up and down the streets carrying the laptop with me. Tulan adi. I go back to Baby Neo, and put the laptop in the car, since Fatty is having a nap inside. Then I keep on walking up and down the small streets. Adui... Fatty open up the door and accompany me, helping me to bring the laptop also. I ask him, why he dunwan continue his nap? He said " I lagi heachace to see you walk up and down...


H even accompany to go up the stairs.. and went off when someone is opening the door for me. Thanks Fatty~

Filled up the resume given... awhile later, Jasmine and Rita came inside. I opened up the laptop, show and present them what I did now in this agency - I'm working with. Jasmine doesnt happy of what I did since I'm using alot of colours and making him headache. Then I started to xplain to him, that in what my company did is in this kind of roads. He only likes the one I did for MahSing Annual Report.

Only I know this agency is doing property and development. No wonder he likes the MahSing la. At 1st he wanna reduce my expected salary, which what i did is not related to what he wanted. And beside, he would like me to work with them. He said I'm honest, joyful, fun to work with. Not others designers who fake themselves saying -HEY I CAN DO THIS, NO PROBLEM.. CAN DO WAN". But when doing, Shit lor! Everything - TAK TAU!

I told him back, how he know I didnt fake up my stories and my designs?? He didnt test me on that spots either. Then he said, if you are really faking it, then you must be a very pro in faking until the stories you telling is very TRUE.

Ok... Make sense. Well, of cuz I didnt fake on my experience or my working ability la. When asked whether did I show face to client or argue with client or not. I say not really. Just ONE client kena from me. Which is the Air Freshener client, who this man - GIVING ME A BIG HEADACHE! They giggle, and say - that's what I said. You didnt hide things. I like the way you telling the truth -_-" (my god.. how come I let everything out from my mouth without controlling it?)

In the salary part. He did ask me, can I lower it down. I say DEFINATELY is a NO answer. He say, since I'm asking this kind of payment, and supposed to know everything where else I'm not related to what they designing now. Wouldn't I be scared if no one hire me? I sayNO. Why should I sked for? My agency is doing mainly in FMCG, and this nation wide have to HAVE FMCG also. Else dont makan tin food or dont buy products la. Aint that funny???

He told me to give him and rita 5minutes for discussion and will get back to me. OKays.

Within 1-2mintues, they came bek. That fast. Rita got ask me where I park my car. I say infront of Starbucks. Her eyes rolled up and say, it's expensive if I park my car INSIDE! It cost RM2.50 per hour. But if I really work there, then I have to park in the basement which cost RM1 for 3 hours.

Back to what they wanna talk to me.

Jasmine also did say. In this agency, if they are doing one cover design, he xpect designer to tell him 20 reasons whys.
- why wanna use this type of fonts
- why wanna use italic or light? or black?
- why wanna use this colour?
- why this colour stands for?
- it is suit?
- how come layout like this style?
- why wanna put this type of picturs?

bla bla bla..

even the name card... got so many reason!!!! Since their logo is transparent, it stands for so many reasons. Ada lubang, Ada Jalan. Log in to The three circles from small to big really have alot of meanings.

I starting to get xcited and yet nervous. I dont know whether I can manage it or not. Especially - needs to say everything of what you do in design and why you wanna do like that. Like going to study ar!! Lecturer ask why, student answers the questions.

To cut the conversation short, Jasmine ask Rita to tell me what they decide. Rita said : we love to hire you. Jasmine cut Rita off. Saying, it's wrong to say like that. I laughed...

Jasmine said, I would like you to join with us and will be giving you 2.6k in the main time. I tot of giving you 2.5k but I dont know why I wanna give you 2.6k instead. I dont wanna give you 2.7k cause I dont like 2007 year. Within this three months probabtion, If you are hardworking and creative and work well, I will give you 2.8k. But even, if you worked well within two months, I will give you 2.8k earlier. Good?

Cool. But I will let him know whether am I going to work with them. I told him I call him back on either monday or tuesday. He said, make it on monday. If I couldnt join them, then they have to redecide the other TWO designers who came the interview earlier.

So, what do you think? From Sri Damansara to Hartamas. Parking fees. My lunch time. My god! That is reli reli an expensive place. Cafe, Sushi... so xpensive.. got mamak also la..

I counted adi. RM1.1k sure fly each month joh de. I totally cant reduce that one. So imagine, RM1 for 3 hours. Means 9 hours working will be RM3 per day. What else if OT?? add in xtra RM1 and RM1. Mon - Fri.

Then Fatty also say, RM10 for petrol a day... ughhh... I need not spend too much if I reli work there. And I cant even SPEND also!!! No xtra left man! You think - wow! 2.6 / 2.8k woh. That's big earns. So what?? I adi waste it on my food and petrol and parking. UNLESS, I need to gain more experience, then I have to think in another part.

In dilemma now...

Monday I have to give answer. I hope to find back FMCG. I'm afraid of getting fedup doing property things. Imagine, everyday you go to work - you do clean and clear layouts. Bonus is, I can learn how to speak up for my designs. And Jasmine will teach me on that. Polish up my skills as well. He knows I need to cover up my expenses. Which is totally true. !!

While driving back, I head to wykie's place. To return back her laptop. On the way, I keep on busy talking and discussing my interview with Fatty. Twice adi I do wrong turnings. The most terrific is, I turn to selayang - Instead of going straight to Jalan Ipoh. My headache strikes back. Most probably in the interview, I keep on thinking and talking and listerning.

So, fatty guide me to go out. Turn left right... And I suddenly feel so relief when he's besides me. I feel so so safe. Dont sked I will get lost. He's so ... so amazing!!! I'm totally speechless when from turning all the small lane, can meet bek to the way of small road in Jln Ipoh. So cool...

Aiii... Saturday liao la.. Tomolo Sunday...Then Monday!!! my BIG DAY!!!!!