Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jac's Farewell

When Jac told me that she was leaving dplusm, I was surprised and said "hey, you're lying rite?"

But she intend to told me that she tender her letter 2mths back. I was like... Urm..Ok. And asked, "are you taking a holiday? to where??" And she replied that she's going New Zealand for a holiday before starting a work.

There..I caught her by saying "a holiday" and I replied, Ok. Then after your holiday, when you coming back to dplusm?

She said.. "No, I'm not coming back. I might be finding a job at New Zealand...

Then only I know she seriously leaving us.

She was the longest who joined dplusm. The only survivor since dplusm was built.

Let's not talk crap anymore...

Well, HR was intend to celebrate her farewell at twentyone changkat for the dinner. And she we were early that day, the whole 1st floor was only for dplusm staff. We started to go here and there..dancing on the dance floor although is our VIP day, playing with the DJ instrument .. and etc. Xcept we can't be the fake bartender.

Fendy was the 1st picture who wanna be the DJ at twentyone kitchen+bar

And, we started to grab our food. Is a buffet dinner. Beef was ok but loves the dory fish. I ate the dory about 5times! What to do? It was damn delicious!

One more thing, I need to announce. Try not to order orange juice if you were at twentyone. Cause the orange juice was not that nice. Order mango juice instead! Is much more nicer and sweeter compare to the orange one.

After dinner, we have our classmate photo session

and the part where we do stupid and silly faces.. hiak hiak hiak

And girls pictures...but the guys joined too...

All of a sudden, while we were taking photos, Mark came to Jac and asked her to go to the bartender. We all followed her behind..and.. Tada! Below is the picture, where Mark told her to finish it up since she's the farewell gal and she need to get drunk throughout the sexy nite!

And however, she did listern to Mark and finish it up. Bravo!!

And so, most of us seat at the outside, where I can seriously look forward to Frangipani. Hahahaa...

Fendi told me that he wanted to hae a picture where his wife is Genki. So this is the picture I help them to shoot. Luvly rite?

And the two Hiao girls..Sushi and Banana.
(Hmph, wonder why her name was called as Banana???)

This picture was suggested by Mark. Asking both drivers to be bodyguards for Jac!

Mark and Mikey, together with Jac's last day..

Oh..Jac wanna be DJ too

Same goes with Ivan...

But please, Not forgetting about ME!!!

I wanna act like one too...

There...(the version where I didnt post at FB)
I was like shaking and like spinning it and closing my eyes..until I felt something near my mouth..when I opened my eyes, I saw Fendi was trying to act like Im smoking.

Well, not a bad idea huh?

And so I did something...

Cool rite? Everyone said " Is the picture of the day!! Hah!

and pictures again...

and again...

and we have our shooter!! Is nice drinking this - apple flavour.

there we all go - yum singgggg..........

by then, shuli drank like 4 glasses and she started to act like this.

scene: wanna rape jac??

oh yea..she did..seating on jac's lap and started to kiss her..

what's next??

Hah...was censored! Anyway, there are pretty bestfren with each other. I bet shuli will so gonna miss Jac as Jac always takecare of her

To the dance floor..where everyone danced so CRAZIE!

and another round of shooter - lychee flavour.


When I drank this - I was back at my own place and started to felt my head - so damn heavy. T_T

But good to have Penny that moment, as she helped me to take warm water and seating next to me and asking me drink more and more...and asked me to go to the loo, passed everything out and drink again and again...

Well, but I didnt puke ^^

For another guessing..

Shuli was drunk..and this is how she looked like


Kelly asked her to suck the that she didnt fall apart..

Really having a great nite. I couldn't drive, so I leave my car at Menara Olympia and Ken fetch me home. He came all the way to changkat..Nice of him rite?

Anyway, before I gotta go,


there's something I wish to say -

Wishing JAC to have a great journey to her future and seek the joyment of her daily life as she's really fun to be with!

All d' Best - Jac!! Will so gonna miss you ^^