Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Belated Gift

Finally can meet my godbro on 2nd day of the new year. Was quite hard to book him though..ishk ><"

Anyway, I had a good news to announce...but must on hold for the time being... and another news was...I got things from both of my godbro and his wife too...

Really...really never expect that I have a birthday gift from them. My burfday was past 6mths's still from their heart and yet, they did called me out. But is either I'm not free, or is them. So hard to make the time suits for both of us..

Unwrapped, this is the front packagin ^^

And..I was so happy..I got this necklace! Damn! The actual one - do looks great! Damn chic!!!! Love it lotx!!! I never had this kind on necklace in my life, and YES, I will appreciate this one!!!

And, souvenir from them too. This is totally unique. Is a belt and is made from beads and plywood feel..

The picture of the overall! Is so baliness ^^

Thanks Mike and Leah!! Love you both heaps ^^
*hmph, at least my godbro havent forgotten about me though now he have a wife now ...