Sunday, January 23, 2011

What a Saturday

Usually, I will just wake up late on weekends. Infact, I love waking up late. But today, is different...

Let's see..

Yesterday I clocked off from work around 1am. Drive back home alone and this time, the way that I always used was blocked - cause of fixing the road or something.

Fine. I used another way to go home. Hoping to turn back to the junction at dataran merdeka. Alas, they blocked that road too.

I u-turn back and trying to call Ken. Ringed once, twice..and so on..until before reaching to his voicemail, he finally picked-up his phone.

I cried for help and told him how am I supposed to go home since KL Dataran Merdeka was blocked. He asked me "how come it's blocked?" But..I never wanted to explain it to him.

How was I explained to him when I was at the point driving the road to somemore - where I have no idea where I'm actually at??

I told him to skip that question and asked whether can I go home by using Capsquare and he told me I will reach to Pertama Komplex. Ok..At least, I know where is Pertama. But too bad..I don't even know how to move from Capsquare to Pertama. Instead, I reached to the Merdz building. And I called Ken again and asked him whether I can go home when I saw the Merdz building? Then he told me I need to U-Turn back and make the Merdz building on my left instead of my right.

Ugh!! How the hell I'm going to u-turn? There's no u-turn sign and I finally reached at Sg Wang. Damn shit..I wish to call someone right away beside Ken and asking whether the person can come straight to SG Wang and guide me back to my home, so I could follow the car behind instead?

Yea..I admit I am born in KL, and YES, I don't know KL road. So please don't expect me to drive home when I am lost in KL Heart. I may end up driving in highway to no-where I BET!

Anyway, after few minutes of driving, don't know how..I reached to Jalan Kuching road. I felt relief to myself for being brave and driving myself out from the KL City. Infact, my phone was low-battery that night and switched off dead. But luckily I still have petrol running throughout my baby neo car..Thanks god~

And the next day was supposed to be going out with Ken and having breakfast with him. But I was real mad of him for not offering me that he will come-over to pick me up. Duh. Felt hopeless sometimes on this guy.

But though everything happened last night, so I kept away all the unhappy things which was a past. Woke up at 10am and started to prepared myself and having breakfast with him and my mum @ menjalara. Then, he drove me to Kepong area where I need to find the dentist where mum given me the clinic name. Well, my bottom part of my teeth was in pain past few days. I need to do the scaling before it worsen all my front tooth T_T

Then went to somewhere to look for Ken's friend. Spend almost all the day over there. Around 8.30pm only we came back Kepong and planned to watch a midnight movie at E-CURVE. Ken let me choose the movie and I treat him watching the movie. Maybe because I treat him, so he let me choose the movie I wish to watch...and I choosed "FASTER" by Dwayne Johnson. Movie line was normal, but nice watching the action girl in scene. Not that BAD overall...

And went home about 1.30am. Bathed, Masked. blogging all this at 3am. Hah!