Friday, June 29, 2007

Day pass, New Day Come.

Recently quite busy ner. Cuz I saw my fren's MSN saying need part time designer. You know-la, I very busybody type of person de lor. So i nudge her and say "Need freelance ma?" Then she say ok ohh.. Well, Though is cheap...I mean the design fees is cheap, but I just do to let the time fly easily lor. After do 2 section liao, I do another and another. Even weekdays I do the work at home after work. Wah.... Suddenly feel very scared liao. Cause at home, I need to do alot lot of things. My Baby la, need to take fat fat out - pee and poo, and feed him up as well. Wash dishes, Cook - sometimes. Dont even have extra time to go out or dating arrr.. Luckily dou recently need do OT. Somemore many movie I still havent watch also.!!

My Alone arr. Transformer... Die Hard 4!!!!!! I want ALONEEEEEEE!!!... aRRRRrrrrgg..

Luckily July coming liao. So it's time for me to save up my savings loo. 2 months I've been suffering on financial. God helped me pretty much. If not, I dunno what I'm going to do without money. Somemore, I save up alot on my petrol. Wahahhahaah.. Cuz I dont speed for almost a mth, and dat time most of the morning, I wind down my window. That's how loon told me that is save petrol de. But still I speed up sometimes. I hate those vehicals ar, who pretend to be sports car and speed at my next. Fucker asshole. Especially those myvi ar.. who make their myvi like sports car. I dont even see.. why myvi they make as sport car lea? Is it so great ar? Some ppl thinks like that, some ppl dont huh?

Then.. I saw many Satria Neo around liao. You know? they drive 1.6 Lea! Izzit 1.6 drop liao ar? Or izzit 1.6 got the wipper, and air bag, and mp3 player, so that's why they better buy 1.6 rather than 1.3? Anyway, I still like my car. Luv my baby neo very much...