Monday, June 11, 2007

Short Holiday day

As I said earlier, about the dog who gave birth to 9 puppies right? On Thursday night, after my OT work, I got down and saw the dog. OMG! It's really em. I've been worried about them and been quite sad to know that they got caught. But now, They finally appear infront of me. Wow! I called em, but they just look at me without barking. At least, now i happy for them abit. Else they die-la. The mother dog look so sad and lonesome, losing all her cute babies. sad sad sad.

On saturday, Went to having buffet with bro at Sunway there. Supposed each person is around RM70++, but because Bee know one of the worker there, so each person is like 40% off. Isn't that good? I ate meat of cause. Easy to full my stomach. Main thing is, I dunno why bro wanna take me go. Yea, I juz wanna go is .. hehe wanna see her ex of cuz. But they are like gathering. They knew each other from Pri skool till now. Wow. Strong friendster eh?

Ching Ho is the talkative guy. Bro told me he is a good guy and rich also. He's nice. Yea. I ate his watermelon, cuz he invited me to eat ya. Somemore, I luv fruits alot. At 1st they tot that I'm bro Gf or something. They didnt think that I was his god sista. Ching Ho, Simon, Yap, they make fun of me and him. Saying from god sista, den slowly develop to lovers one. Lou got alot of god sista de lea. Yap even said, all his god sista can packed up in one bus de lea. Wah.. I laugh man. Haha.. (ahem, seems like he got alot of GF before eh? Simon even dont help him..nor me also.)

Before living, Bro wanna go genting. Then Ching Ho asked him whether he wanna join them to go either K or clubbing de. Bro told em that he need to fetch me to my BF house. Ching Ho said, wah .. another god bro ar? HAHA, I laugh my head off. Oh ya.. Saw bro ex gf. Urm. she's not bad also lea. Quite pretty, but can see she looks abit tired lor. Probably rush for jobs here and there. All of them treat me quite good lor.

Reached Dou house, we watched movie as he bought SAW I, II, and III and Hostel II. Stay till 4am, den balik rumah. N guess what? The next morning, I woke up almost 5pm! My god, I can really really sleep alot. Gosh!

Oh ya, on Friday I watched 200 pounds beauty. Before the movie start, Dou suddenly yell. Then I look at him. Then he said "why u pinch me?" I was ... stunt~! WHAT?? Then those people look at us. Esp at me, cuz they tot I pinch him n make him yell. Wah Sai. Bad boy. I very very ying wong ner. Then the movie start, It's quite funny in the opening. Dou laugh so loud. My god. I keep on close his mouth and told him to control his laughter. Overall the movie it's nice. Not bad. Quite funny also. N i luv the movie theme ost. Maria this song also not bad. Really Love this movie.

So this morning, June told me that my hardisk is quite full. So i try to delete my songs in my itunes. While deleting song song, I suddenly realise about This 200 Pounds Beauty. While deleting, i go download this whole OST. Muahaha.. So happy. Maria Ave Maria....