Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Blog with New Name

Weeee...... This is my err... 2nd blog. Actually, is not the 2nd one. I've open many account in blogger previously. But I dont like my username at my html web. So, here - I create a new one with xter8367. Wahahahaahha.... so happy, fly high.

Been quite tired recently. Boss bought back one website. It's like an e-commerce stuff. (eg, ebay / lelong / And here, I used Mac.Dreamweaver + Mac.Flash to do it. ESPECIALLY Mac.Dreamweaver. It's has been many years I didnt touch any of it. (Just touched when I did the Slumberland Website - only. But it's just a pop-out window ya.) I started doing this web from Thrusday - Tuesday. Took me 4 days to do at least 8 files of dreamweaver and one flash banner for the top view. Start working late at nite started from Friday and Monday, which is 1am. Luckily yesterday I worked before midnite strike.

Oh ya, the place I'm working now - there's two stray dogs lying around. One of the female dog gave birth to 9 cute puppies. Mixed with black, brown and white. On monday, there's a heavy thunder storm, and the mother dog picked up her babies and put it at the side of the stairs which I usually climb to go to work. She fiercely barked and growl at me. Of cause I back-off, as I knew mother dog who just gave birth is super fierce as they wanna protect their babies. It's been a hard day for me to climb up and down the stairs. Was like the stairs is her territory and nobody can STEP INSIDE.

Tuesday came. I helped our aunty and one of the 2nd floor indian guy to pass through the fierce dog. It took me minutes to help them out. You know? This stray dog is very very skinny. Bet she dont have any food either, though some of the workers near-by did pack back some remainder food for the dog (cause there's some water and those containers lying around). So today (wednesday) I told June, I might go pack back some rice for this poor dog. Ya, though fierce, but she need to eat something to feed her babies and need to be strong to take care of her babies as well. June told me she wanna pack-back "Char Siew Pau". But I think it's not that fulling and somemore it's quite expensive as well. It's better to "dar bau" economy rice right?

Reached Restoran Kam Jie, I take-away one packet of rice and some meats mixed with gravy together. Hopefully she eat it with good appetite and thanks the Lord for the food. One of the workers also helped to take out those puppies and put it near the cornering so that we can easily walk up the stairs without frighten.

Back there, I saw the mother dog. Guess one of the baby passed away. God bless the pup - poor thing *sob sob*. I open the packed rice and put it near to her. She eat it. Was so happy to see her, cause she didnt bark or growl at us. I even wanna take pictures of those puppies and her mother dog together. Look like One Happy Family. Even think of slowly make friend with her also. I know she aint harm, just that she wanna protect her babies that's all. Cant wait to go home, as I can see the mothewr dog ma. But when Vincent came in, he told us that the two stray dogs plus those puppies was cleared by Bandaraya this noon. Tears flow down inside my heart. Was totally sad troughout the hours. But was glad that I actually feed her something with delicious food. Poor dog. Know if kena from Bandaraya, 1stly the mother dog will drop dead one. Cause she looks dirty, weak, skinny. Unless someone wanna claim the dog lor and pay RM100/150 for it. (last time used to claim my two dogs, so i roughly know the price).

See, now picture also dont have. Dog also gone. Haizzz..... left memory only...