Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Burfday Justin

Ah Bi.... HAPPY BURFDAY !!!!!! Your BIG BIG day today!!! I wished you at 12.04am Today. Guess many people got wished you also.

You know? Your mum the other day called me. Urm, let me recall. It's Monday noon. They shifted to - Kepong area liao. Opposite Carrefour. I will go and visit her after I go pay a visit for you ok. Definately will go this weekend - Sunday is the best time.

Well, she asked me whether am I married liao. I laughed. Of cause not so fast ya. New relationship just started. Maybe she don't know. Then she asked me whether I got dream about you or not. I said no more, since you gave me 2 sweet dreams last year. I wanna ask for more!!!!! You give your parents dream of you ner. Me lea?? Why dont have liao arR??? I wan dream of you also. At least once a year. Hiak Hiak. I'm so greedy huh. Okok.. Just a joke. I wont force. If you want to come inside my dream, you are already welcome. My dream door always open for you to come in de.

You know? I just know that Ting Fung will goin to start another new movie!!!! I'm so excited ner. Wah... can watch liao.

Then hor, another movie called "Alone", director from "Shutter" will be release tomolo. I still remember we both watch Shutter at Maxi. You sat behind me, look so scary. Then when you went to the loo, I already prepare and waited you outside the toilet. Then you opened the door and got frighten. Scream and start chasing me. My God!! I run. If I'm a ghost, I run also when I see you scream and somemore, YOU DARE TO CHASE GHOST AR!!! Not bad not bad!

So, when I come. What you want ar?? Cig, Beer, den?? Gurls wan ar? Korean? Japanese?? Msian? Urm.. Msian gurls for you is cheap liao. I guess you prefer overseas gurls eh? Of cause No la! I wont buy gurls for you. Foreva let you be single, who tell you go so fast then mua. Huh!
Okok, somemore.. what you want ar?? KFC??? Pizza? Urm.. Guess I buy Pizza for you. Cause Pizza got offer. Hahaha.. What's more you want? Yea..definately will fire you money. Dont worry k.

I gotta get back to work. Take Care, I miss you alot.. Real LOT!