Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fuckup Client

I've been really really patient for this client de. More than half the year liao. Well, today I totally shoot him. Cant stand anymore of his stupid attitude. You know when over the phone, he will talk abit then he will stop de. And there you goes - silent mode. He even accused me to email wrongly or didnt email to another client. WTF! I've already emailed to that fellow. I swear to god I really emailed to him. I even spell out the email address correctly. Then he will say "You didnt email to him la". For heaven's sake. I DID!

Then I told him to tell the other client - clear his mailbox! You know what this old man told me? He said, "Just 1-2days ago, I still can received 4MB in my mailbox". So??? Because of your fucktup 4MB blocked my way la. Stupid! Even told him that, while I email the visual to him, I even CC to the other fellow. If he really thinks I typed the email wrong, go check his own CC there in his mail fucktup Tm.Net mailbox la. Dunno this fellow really insane or just cover his ass up for being so stupid and know his wrong doings liao.

So, today raining cats and dogs right? Yea. J called up at my mobile. Well, actually he was A. Cuz mobile appear in my screen was J's name. So I tot he was J la. But instead, he's actually the fucktup A. And he told me about dispenser. I remember I OP just one thing for that client. But now, he asked TWO things. I told him I call him back in the short while and checked my Visual File. Then I called J and asked for A (I also dunno why I didnt straight up called A's mobile - duh~). N I told A that another dispenser, He didnt approved me to burn that to CD. You know what he told me? He said "Then now you can burn into CD". Shit you la! Somemore they are downstairs waiting. I told him i need at least half hour to finish this job. Then he said OK.

So, around 5pm. Quite heavy raining liao. N then J called up saying I can come down and hand the job. I told him it was raining and I dont have an umbrella. (They expect me to go under the rain ar? Fucker! I bring their things down already "Pei Min" joh. They tot what I am? Despatch Girl ar? Turun Naik and giving Things to em? Why not they come up and take their things by themself? Izzit Old people and elderly people is super L.A.Z.Y? Hell they go better-la) N somemore, I add in "You say you wan see this C size?". J said, yea.. Ok.. We wait you at downstairs.

So, I got down and...

xter: Here's the size of the gel. It's actually same with this (another product) size, just the cutting is different onli, cuz they have the diecut.
A: But it looks not the same. See.
xter: YEA, I said they have diecut, and here we dont have. But actually is the same one. Totally a rectangular shape. It doesnt matter of the diecut, cuz the diecut is just at the side, and I dont get it why it didnt fit it up.
A: cuz of the cutting. It's not the same.
xter: (almost burst out and wanna say "HEY OLD MAN, CANT YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TELLING YOU???") but instead I said If you wan me to follow this packaging size and diecut, I can do it for you. But if do liao, and you guys still cant wrap it up, it's your choice. Not mine. (True wut)
J: So, everything will still remain?
xter: No. I need to move those ingredients and those writeup abit, cuz the side is going to be curve-up.
J: ok. Once everything done, please email to xxxx this person ok.
xter: k
A: why you burn this dispenser 1 CD?
xter: Then? You need another one izzit?
A: How many times I said that Label one CD, Can one CD.
xter: (fuck you! usually James told me de lor. You neva tell me before. Somemore, suddenly I realise is my own fault alsol. Cuz I too rush to do the FA and forget everything bout divide the CD into 2 pieces) K. Then I burn another new one for you.
A: How you going to give me?
xter: I now go and burn-la. Later mai give to you-la.
A: Then I wait you at the kopitiam there.
J: She dont have umbrella la.
A: Then how?
xter: If you want me to bring to you, I'm fine with it. Just that your artwork sure kena the rain one.
A: You can take envelope to cover it up
xter: Envelope dont have liao
A: (shut up like usual)
xter: If not, I put at the letterbox and you come and get it la.
J: How long to do? 5 minutes?
xter: (was angry liao, n J still need to joke ar?) 5 minutes ar? How to do? 2 CD lea! Burn CD also need take times ok. Goin up and down the strairs also need time de lea.
J: 15minutes?
xter: still ok abit.
A: Meaning now you go and burn?
xter: Yea la. You need it now wut.
A: Where is my another label?
xter: That label, the other day a girl called up and asked for it. So I gave vincent already. You call the girl to see whether is rawang or kepong la. Else you call vincent whether he sent to where la!

After those slapping talks, I went up and Tulan. N burn that fucktup 2 Cds. Before going down, I reached my mobile incase I need to call that "lou hai". Bingo! They are not downstairs. Called J.

xter: where are you?
J: at kopitiam here. You wanna yum cha with us?
xter: (are you lost your mind? yum cha with you is still ok. But facing that ugly A, I gonna vomit) NO!
J: okok, you put the artwork to the letterbox there.
xter: ok

and I hung up his phone.

See la, luckily I got sun pin bring my phone down, Else i gila gila and wait for that fuck tup to come. Banyak celaka wan. Dare him la. Dare him tell vincent about my character la. I scared nobody, since that time I wanna resign, I oredi told Vincent I very sein to do this client's work already. Totally not in a good mood to do his job. Payment also slow. Shit la! if he dare complain, go ahead la. I give red carpet for him to come up maxiimpact! Another guy from that client I also sabar for long time adi. K his nickname. See la, if he step my tail, I sure kena him also. I work so long neva been so rude to client. Yea, some might get my shouts and feedback, But this A, he get totally ALOT of my face!