Friday, June 15, 2007

Snake found in Jinjang.

Yesterday, Dou came and find me for a drink. Then while sitting, he told me that his working area got one snake. Around 10 feet long. Then he showed me the picture which he captured from his mobile. I got a shock! It's so big. Then he told me that he beat the snake up. He used a wood and hit it. At 1st, he tot is those ordinary snake, but when it wakes up - it's a cobra! OMG! I scolded him for getting near the snake as it might bite him up.

Then he told me, if he wasnt the one who beat the snake till die, no one will and somemore sked it will hurt someone in the factory. No one helped him also. He kept told me he was afraid, but still he need to hit the snake up. While the snake is almost goin-to-be half dead, Dou's colleage told him not to hit it anymore, cuz hitting a snake till die will bring bad luck woh. He dont care. So, he hit it till the snake unconscious and fall to dead. Here's the picture of the snake.

Then the boss wife asked him to pick up the snake and put it in the black plastic bag. He told me is so geli, cuz the skin... Ugh. Then you know what he told me? Well.. The snake actually is around 2feet long la. It looks big at the picture. But overall, is a small snake. He even told me, since I got an Iguana as a pet, he supposed to have this snake and put inside the aquarium. Then next time can take Baby Igu and his snake! My God! Those snake are dangerous. It's not fun. Scared to death when I heard him say - I hit the snake till it die.