Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Whole day I didn't went out. Just sleep and sit at home, That's all. Mostly is sleep, sleep and sleep. Then Mum back home. She packed back MC Nugget, Fries and one hot coffee. So delicious. Yummy. Then mum told me that today is Father's Day. I know, I said. Then I told her to call dad whether he wanna back home early and have a family father's day dinner outside or not. Then mum came inside my room and said dad will come back home early.

Yea, I'm under financial probs. But it's Father's day. So, whatever I need to pay it up also. Somemore that time Mother's Day we didnt celebrate. So at least celebrate for father ya.

In the evening, I bath Fat^Fat up. Then the newspaper guy came and said "I'm here to collect newspaper money". Ouch. I asked him how much. He said "RM42.+. Sniff. I pay it up, though mum is at home but is not nice la, to ask her to pay up the newspaper money wut. After finishing bath Fatty, I mop those tiles. Wah.. So tired but yet so happy, cuz Fat^Fat smell good and the floor is clean. Guess he will have a good sleep today.

After everything was done, I went inside the house and noticed clothes in the baldi. So I decided to hang those clothes together with the clothes hanger. Dad's back. And I'm still busy hanging those clothes. Mum said she will go and have a bath. After finishing hanging, Mum said "You dont want to bath?". "I want!" I said. Please help me Hang this clothes over the stairs, Thanks and I rush to the bathroom and get ready.

10-15minutes later, Mum outside shouted "Xter! Yous still havent finish bath ar?" I replied " I tie my hair now la!". Was quite mad actually. Cause they rush me and I've been doing alot of things to help her. So, when I got out from the bathroom, I told her "If you guys next time wanna eat, just go by your ownself. No need wait for me. Suddenly, I hate you guys so much!". It's true wut. I helped them hang clothes, Dad sitting relax and reading newspaper and Mum dress up. Me??? HANG CLOTHES OK! If I didnt hang, who will har? Izzit leave it and have the dinner, den only come back home and hang it? So dirty!

I'm ok after a few minutes later. Supposed to eat at the restorant @ Taman Kepong, but the Restorant close liao. So, we eat at another Restorant. Well, the service quite fast. We order one fish, veggie, "tin kai", white tofu, homemade sup and Lala. Lala is aim at me only. Dad cant eat lala, Mum seldom eat also. So I order to satisfied myself. So delicious. Yummy.

Then, I pay up the bills.RM83. Ahhhh..today RM100 gone liao. *sobsob*. Now I know, Money is hard to earn and save. Haha. Why I grumble so much over 100 figure huh? Last year mum's burfday I pay up her burfday dinner at almost RM400 also. Teeth also no pain, why now pain ar??? Cuz hor.... Cuz, I suddenly PK ma! Ngam ngam settle my fren's debt. So, I wanna save money starting next month liao. And will tell myself never EVER borrow money from anyone. Once is ENOUGH. Totally enough. Like taking away my life when chase from fren. Nightmare. Luckily I still got 2 godbros and Ah Dou to support - if I really drop down real dead-la. Dou wanna sponser RM100 for me, so I no need worried much, But I dont wan. Bro also told me to take RM200 from him, I dont want also.

Then, reached home - straight away went out again with dou to catch a movie - Fantastic Four.

Wah... Justin's Burfday coming sooon... I'm gonna visit him! Who wanna send regards to him? I help you guys send. Cause I'm going to pay a visit to him this weekend! What should I buy? What Should I buy?