Monday, June 25, 2007

Visiting Justin @ Nirvana

Bi, How are you? Did you received my stuff??? Did you eat your KFC? I wanna buy pizza for you de. Cause got discount. RM7++. Cause serve for one people, including water also. But the cashier told me that it's eat-in. So, I went downstairs and bought KFC for you instead.

June got bought flowers for you. Nice rite? She said, you can tackle more gurls up there liao, since the flower is such a big bunch lea. Happy not?

See.. I keep my promise that will come visit you this weekend. Though I came at noon, but at least I came ya. Somemore Hahaha.. I bought lots of things for you. Oh ya, Dou bought you fruits. Actually I wanna buy the fruits for you de lor, but since hard to find parking, Dou got down and bought for me. I wanna pay back, but he dont want. So it's consider him to buy it for you. Happy not? Those stuff I bought for you is Dou an bro help me de. But design, I choose ya. No matter wut, I still aim at those money!!!!! That's why I took two packet of those folded money. And few millions for you. You know? I saw those RM1, RM10 lea. I wanna give to you also. But sked you not enough to use, so I burn those 1million - 1 piece - with few pieces also. So, You will be quite rich up there ya. Somemore, the guy told me that got passport, cheque... Wah!!!! I told him, the cheque - should I sign it? He laugh and say "No need la". Passport lea!!! So nice... Then give you lots of those papers... I dont know what is that. It's like living in a better life and faster "thau toi". Then bought clothes and sport shoe for you. I saw one coat. Wanna give you also, So you can go casino liao. But .... next time ok.

Bro said next time buy you blue film woh.. He wanna kena you liao. You better be careful. Haha. Then, If I got extra money, I buy you DVD, TV, and Playstation ya.

Ughhh.. Miss you badly..... Have a Better life ahead ok..

How I wish I really know the way to Nirvana there. So I can come find you and talk with you. That time I came and talk to you, Are you bside me? I talk alot huh??? Complain alot huh? I wanna continue talking, and you can see, bro came in and ask me pray for you outside. So i did. I will hold my colok for you, my grandma and my lil one only. That's all.

Oh ya... I gave you one mirror. I put beside to the comb there. If pantang, Tell me ok.

Miss you...