Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life as Domokun

Heard of this name Domo-kun? Is one of the famous 30sec shows from Japan where Domo L.O.V.E to swing both hands.

Spend your several minutes at wikipedia and you will know about him. ^^

But this Domokun...I took it from my son. And ever since, I never wanted to return back to him as it looks cute though. I remember the last day I was in Teabreak, I packed him inside the box together with all my junks. And when I worked at "dplusm", I forgotten all about him..until one day I cleaned my room..and there he is! Sitting lonesome at the shelf with my design books.

So, I intend to bring him back to my new agency where I worked at. To hell known, everyone - all my colleagues loves him alot. Well, I darent say LOVE or HATE? Can't 100% describe it.


Because early morning, one of my colleague - guy, used to greet him Good Morning. But after greeting it, then he will just pat Domokun's head like playing a basketball ball. To see Domokun doink doink up and down =.="

My colleagus love to hide him especially when I'm in the busy mode. And then, will come to me and say - Hey, where's your Domo?

Someone laughed!

I went to his place...and this is what I saw from his computer

There...surely one of the guy hang it up infront of my computer when I went to the washroom =.=


♥ JOANN said...

Hi, dropped by. :)
I think they simply love domokun, and wanted to get your attention too. Haha!!

Xter said... they put one album on domokun..daily life picture of him doing something silly...T_T