Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shop Online

Few years back, I like seeing online clothes and keen to know - how come it's so cheap? I always told myself that Internet cheats. They just wants your money and will pretend not to send to you once you ordered from them. And 2nd thing, I always thought that it must buy it via creditcard.

Since, I mentioned - been few years I look thru online boutiques. And, all of a sudden. I wish to try.

Don't even know how I manage to come thru this website. Though not choices to choose, but I still wanted to buy it.

So, I registered. And selected two clothes that I pretty like (shown below)

First Piece - RM38 - M

Like this because of the front that curved

The overall of the outlook.

Second Piece - RM38 - F

Bought the blue color. There's 4. But seems like I dont have much blue clothes, so I just choose this.

The overall outfit view

After I submit my cart, I got the overall amount that I need to pay. Total RM76 + RM5 (Shipping) = RM81.

The next day, I went to Bank it via Maybank. I tried to bank in RM85, but the machine still rejected my RM5. I couldn't bank in RM1 as ATM doesn't allowed it. The queue was long. I also paiseh and left.

Then, I smsed to the number and told her that I banked the amount of RM80 only instead of RM81. Been quite worried that I am being conned. But, what can I do? I already banked it up. If it's conned also, nothing can be done right?

A while later, one sms came. And it said that they received my money and RM1 discounted for me. So I emailed them my bank slip note for verified. And the soonest, I got their replied. That I will received my goods in 3 working days. So I waited...and yes! It do arrived.

Too bad. No one was at home. Mum went out. I went to work. Pa at work too. But the courier did left a note and told us to call them back., Thursday. Mum waited for the courier to arrived and yea ~ I got it!

I checked it up. See whether it's in good condition or not. Wore it and it's fits me.

^^ Brighten up my nite.

Oh yea, anyway, I bought it from Meldy. The price might not be like the others online boutique which sells RM23 or RM28. long is trustworthy, den I'm ok.