Thursday, December 30, 2010

Unforgetable Present

Juz LVE christmasieee!!

I got this wonderful christmas present from Ken. I was guessing from 7pm till 12.30am until I got fedup and opened up the present.

When I saw this icon of a dog, I SCREAMED out loud. Cox is the brand I'm longing to get.

I entered the shop once, looked at the purse. Put it down back and told myself that it's xpensive and since, I got a purse from Guess where I used for a year now. But never, never know that...I got this for my christmas present! Love you lotx!!

the overall outlook of the purse

with two buttons attached

front inside view

back view

inside back view - got lots of compartment and can put photos too


ain't this cute?

Argh, hard to sleep. Really can't believe I owe this brand!! And wait...not only this. On christmas eve, I've got another thing from Ken too...

it's Lego Digital Camera!!! Bought it from theclickshop. At 1st I thought of asking Ken to buy me the juice milk lomo, which cost RM100. But...when I see around the shop, only then I saw this lego and totally fall in love with it. This cost RM300. But I shared with Ken on it. I paid RM100 and he helped me pay RM200 (as a gift that he said, he's been not around my side every since he's busy with his job. But I did not complain about being not with me at all. He thinks alot, I think)

Anyway, this camera holds 3.1MP and can take up to 80 shots or more...depending on your battery. Built-in flash too, which is quite cool. Another amazing thing - was - I can buy lego and stack it up shapes that I like!


see, the bottom part, I can put in legos

amd the top part right too!!

the digital version - of lego

pressing for preview, on/off/auto flash and trash images that I do not want to keep.

And everything...makes me not to forget ALL THIS THINGS!!

All thanks to Ken


YuhJiun said...

WOW awesome presents! How I wish I got too :(

Xter said...

aiya dear, if someone give you a present, no matter what is inside the packaging, we need to appreciate the gift, cox is from their heart to buy de... Njoy ur coming new year yea ^^