Thursday, December 30, 2010

Domokun as Santa

Before going to New Year, I still want to up-load this picture of Domokun. It shot last 2weeks back, but was never free to upload it.

So here goes...the Domokun Santa ^@^

This headband was actually present for me from my colleague. All thanks to Henry ^^

as for this, it was my last year xmas c'bration helf at Brick House. I think, this looks cute on him. Lolx. I do love both headband indeed!!

* for the note at it's mouth saying "we love our boss, yay :) " this was actually written by my boss himself. He was actually abit free that day while waiting for another designer to do up his work. So he's been walking here and there. All of a sudden, DING! He took my pen, and my sticky note, and started to write something down...and...he gave me back my domokun. Only then, when I read it - I was like ... APA NI?? and I laughed!! Damn...he's so cute-la-wei~

Anyway, Merry Belated Christmas - everyone ^^
and looking forward to the New Year....weeeeee~