Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This morning, when I opened my FB to play on Barn buddy. I saw 2messages unread at my mailbox. When I check-it-out. I saw Darren (my cousin) gave me the message.

Clicked and read it all~



I never know that he got read my blog. It was in 2007 I blogged about my aunt that came for visit since the day was my other cousin who got married. The very 1st time I saw Darren and Edmund, they are both damn charming! But I like Darren more. He's damn cute!

I even told my bestie that Darren's image stucked in my brain and kept telling her all the things when I met Darren on weekends.

Time passed 3years and...suddenly he came and message me.

I really got a shock when I read this:
oh btw i somehow i dont know how, i came accross one of your blogs and, i read it and it was about the time we had dinner or something last time i was in KL, i can still remember then u wrote something about ABC, sounds like you were in love with me hahahaha!!!!, thats fine i was in love with you too lol, no worries i thought it was cute

Damn paiseh la~

How he know that I'm in-love with him? *shit! But really. If I am not his cousin, I damn surely stick with him like magnet. Haha..

*gasp..if he read this blog - how ar? lol :)